Weekly Comic Review for 8/5/15

OK. Finally caught up. It looks like my pulls are a lot smaller lately. I guess it’s a sign of what’s been left with the tittles getting worse.

Bat-Mite #3 of 6 – Bat-Mite is still living with Weed and Reagan from the end of last issue. And the site of the mite in a towel with a cigar, beer, and 5 o’clock shadow is quite disturbing. (Getting mooned when he pulls off his towel doesn’t help.) But when he sees t hat Robin is in trouble, captured by Gridlock (the goofy looking villain from the end of the last issue), he runs off to help… and annoys Robin the whole time. I don’t think I’ve seen anyone threaten to kill someone as much as Robin did Bat-Mite. It’s amazing how delusional that little guy is. It was fun watching them fight each other as much as the bad guy though. Next issue should be fun with Booster Gold.

Green Lantern #43 – Black Hand is back and finding he is making the dead deader (if that’s possible) instead of actually bringing them back to life, something that seems to be related to the little rocks that have been going around the universe. Hal’s been trying to figure out what’s going on and finds Relic at the Source Wall looking into a crack in it. Hal doffs the Oan power source for a regular space suit so he’s safe talking to Relic and they discuss how things that touch the Source Wall get absorbed into it’s stone structure and how Black Hand has once been part of it. Now, the pieces all come together. Black Hand has become an extension of the wall which is why his hands are still stony and why anything he touches turns to stone. Now comes all the whys that need to be answered. This is actually piecing together quite nicely. I love the Bombshells variant cover of the book too.

Lobo #9 – Well, Lobo’s discovered the secret of the spiders the hard way and while his body might burn out one eventually, tossing in a bunch more makes it a bit harder for him. And since he’s under her control, the Countess find it OK to monologue and reveal her whole scheme. (I feel like I’m in the Incredibles movie.) Thankfully, an agent from the Citadel (We have to cross advertise Omega Men after to try to get people to read it.) shows up and it turns out a simple EMP stops them. Lobo and the agent take down the Countess and head their own ways. One the way back, Lobo gets a mission to track down Sinestro. That sounds like it could be an interesting story. Oh, yeah! I already was. Great planning on release timing, DC. 😛 And as one last note, it looks like we haven’t heard the last of the Countess after all…

Midnighter #3 – There a little bit of time play in the book as the story plays out, jumping back and forth from now to then and back again. It’s not as bad as it’s been in other comics. We get to see Midnighter fight Multiplex, we see Midnighter spending more time with Matt, and we get more background on what happened between Midnighter and Apollo. I really like how the title is playing out so far. A character like Midnighter could be all or mostly action but there’s been a lot of good character development. I’m really enjoying it. And to end things for the issue, we get an appearance by new super-spy Dick Grayson. After what happened with Midnighter in the comic Grayson, I wonder what Dick will be up to in this one.

Only 4 comics this time so it’s not fair to pick a Top 3. This is a good week so I’ll just say check them all out.

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