Weekly Comic Review for 6/22/11 and September’s DC Pull List

First up is last week’s books. Another week of Flashpoint’s first month as we get closer to the reboot.

Charmed #11 – Neena continues her plan as the Charmed ones try to reunite with each other. Piper makes it back to Phoebe while Paige reunites with the relatives in the afterlife.

Flashpoint: Kid Flash Lost #1 – Bart wakes up from a hallucinogenic dream to find himself 1000 years in the future, one run by Brainiac. To make thing worse, Bart has been disconnected from the speed force. Bart is saved by Hot Pursuit, but this time it’s Patty Spivot. Not only has the future been changed, but it’s one Bart may no longer exist in.

Flashpoint: Lois Lane and the Resistance #1 – Lois Lane was in France when Europe got flooded. She and Jimmy Olsen try to escape but only Lois makes it but with Jimmy’s camera. The camera ends up being a device to communicate with Cyborg. Lois uses it to keep in touch with Cyborg and tries to escape with the information she has.

Flashpoint: Reverse Flash #1 – Although the cover makes this look like one of hte 3 issue mini-series, it apears to be one of the one-shots. (This is reinforced by the fact that there was no button for it.) The issue covers the history of Professor Zoom trying to destroy Barry Allen’s life from Zoom’s point of view.

Flashpoint: The Outsider #1 – In 1960’s India, a child is born with stone skin. Apparently, he grows up to be a powerful man who likes to mess with the lives of others. I’m not sure who this character is supposed to be but I don’t recognize him from he past and there’s no real history as he jumps from baby to adult.

Green Arrow #13 – Green Arrow is asked by the police to help escort a religious fanatic terrorist. When his high tech cohorts attack the truck to rescue him, Green Arrow fights them off but when push comes to shove (and by shove, I mean “kill”), Oliver realized it’s not something he can do. This disappoints the officer who picked him because he had killed Prometheus.

Justice League of America #58 – “The Ride of Eclipso” continues. With the destruction of the moon wreaking havoc on the Earth, the JLA and gathered friends take the attack to Eclipso one more time. This time they have a plan and the Atom on their side. Atom and Starman go to save Shade while Donna takes on Eclipso directly, told by Brother Walker that she has what is needed to take him on. Sadly, he was wrong. (Tho with the reboot coming, I guess they can kill whatever characters and destroy whatever planets they want, eh?)

New Mutants #26 – The New Mutants start thier search for Nate Grey. Instead they run into Steve Rogers and his team of bureaucrats. Despite being turned away by then, they continue looking around. Meanwhile, Sugar Man continues giving augmentations to former mutants to get them to investigate unknown dimensions as he searches for the one he came from. The New Mutants eventually find him just in time to lead to a big fight next issue.

Secret Avengers #14 – Technically a “Fear Itself” tie-in, this issue centers around Valkyrie. As she leads a group of soldiers into battle, part of the storyline parallels her own history which also explains how she came to be a valkyrie.

Zatanna #14 – Zachary Zatarra guest stars in this issue just to make life hard for Zatanna. He continues his party life behavior, getting himself caught by a succubus whic Zatanna needs to rescue him from. The issue ends with “Closing Time” which leads me to believe this may be the last issue as it’s not one that’s being rebooted in September. I like the character and really think they could have done a lot better by her in the series. This also leaves the whole Brother Night thing hanging too.

There are a number of sorta “Meh” books this week making it harder to pick a top 3. I was able to choose the following: Flashpoint: Kid Flash Lost, Green arrow, and Zatanna. And now on to my pull list for September.

Comics I plan to follow (for now)
Fury of Firestorm
Green Arrow
Green Lantern
Green Lantern Corps
Green Lantern: New Guardians
Hawk and Dove
Justice League
Justice League Dark
Justice League International
Legion Lost
Legion of Super-Heroes
Red Lanterns
The Savage Hawkman
Teen Titans

Comics that I plan to pick up the first issue of
Action Comics
Animal Man*
Blue Beetle
DC Universe Presents*
Demon Knights*
Detective Comics
The Flash
I, Vampire
Mister Terrific
Red Hood and the Outlaws*
Resurrection Man*
Static Shock
Suicide Squad
Swamp Thing
Wonder Woman

The books in the first issue list marked with a * are ones I’m evaluating to see if I want to add them. The others are mostly just for getting the first issues though maybe some with surprise me. I guess we’ll have to see what goes on come September.

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