Weekly Comic Review for 8/24/11

And I finally catch up. Still not feeling great but here I am finishing this up for you guys. Of course, I’ll be behind again in a couple weeks when I go on vacation. So, I guess I should get on with this review.

Flashpoint: Hal Jordon #3 (of 3) – The story of Hal’s trip to the war zone with the Green Arrow continues. Hall and his entourage head to the battle and are attacked by the Furies. It ends up the area is surrounded by a dome to stop missiles so Hal sacrifices himself to destroy the shield. Back home, Carol find a note from Hal and a ring.

Flashpoint: Kid Flash Lost #3 (of 3) – Bart jumps through time in a Black Flash version of his costume meeting various speedsters, first Windrunner (Max Mercury), then Jay Garrick, and finally ends up at Wally’s grave. Storing up Speed Force energy, he tracks down Barry and gives him the energy, sacrificing himself to give Barry the power to do whatever he’ll need to do in Flashpoint #5. I just hope this isn’t the last we see of Bart and the other speedsters.

Flashpoint: Lois Lane and the Resistance #3 (of 3) – With Lois being held hostage, Hyde takes control from Bobbie and helps the resistance escape. Meanwhile, Lois and Britannia find the armor. Britannia ends up fighting WOnder WOman and reveals the prisons to her which shows how little Diana knew of what was really going on. Lois find a way to send out a message to everyone wverwhere just as some Amazons sneak up behind her and supposedly kill her. The battle rages on into Flashpoint #5

Flashpoint: Project Superman #3 (of 3) – Subject 0 returns and it’s revealed he came from Doomsday DNA. It’s Kal vs. Subject 0 and eventually Kal wins but Lois (who should be over with the Resistance, right?) dies. Yes, it’s the second death of Lois Lane. Did the people doing these miniseries actually coordinate at all?

Green Arrow #15 – It’s the final battle between Oliver and Miggs as the fanatic is finally taken down. Green Arrow may have found a new partner as he’s given a U.S. Marshall badge.

Green Lantern: Emerald Warriors #13 – Guy and Batman team up to discover the killer of an Air Force captain on a craft orbiting the Earth.

Justice Society of America #54 – It’s the JSA vs. the being Jesse Quick let loose. The battle rages on until Alan Scott uses the power of the Starheart to defeat him. The explosion leaves the JSA with no sign of Alan and, assuming him dead, they give him a funeral. But with no body, there’s no telling what happened to him.

Teen Titans #100 – The Teen Titans make it to their milestone issue just in time for the reboot. The Titans pull out all stops to defeat their enemies. Red Star finally gets to get some revenge on Superboy Prime for killing Pantha and Wildebeest. The clones of Superboy are taken down with kryptonite Conner kept on hand to stop him if needed. (Damien enjoyed using that a little too much.) As the lesser villains are taken down, more heroes attack Prime until he’s taken out and left on the Source Wall. Back home, Gar and Raven finally get back together. There’s also a number of single page posters of the various incarnations of the Teen Titans to fill out the issue.

The Ultimates #1 – I really hate polybagged comics. This issue is wrapped in white plastic with Captain America’s shield on the cover. I don’t know why they do this other than to try to make you buy 2 so you can open one and leave one closed. GRRR!!! But n to the issue itself… Asgardians are on Earth and the EUSS are sending their squad of international captains to them. (Jamie Braddock is the new Captain Britain.) Tony Stark is now controlling Iron Man remotely but it seems that’s still not safe enough when things go really bad for the suit. And back at the battle of Captain Britain vs Thor, a large mushroom shaped structure is found with something very odd going on inside.

There’s a few good books this time. I think my recommended 3 will be Flashpoint: Kid Flash Lost, Green Lantern: Emerald Warriors, and Teen Titans. All good issues and all, sadly, final issues too. Next week will be a light week with only 2 DC Comics comics out (Flashpoint #5 and Justice League of America #1). I believe the Ultimate Comics Hawkeye #1 comes out too. I hope that isn’t bagged as well. I really hate that. It’s just a cheap selling ploy to try to get collectors to buy more copies. All it really does is get more people to download digital versions to read.

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