Weekly Comic Review for 7/18/12

I forgot I had plans last night so I didn’t get to do up the review for the most recent comics so here I am.

Avengers Academy #33 – Avengers vs X-Men continues as Emma Frost’s terrorism of Juston’s Sentinel continues. There is only so much even this team can do against someone with the Phoenix Force. Finesse tries to call on Quicksilver for help but is told he doesn’t have the time. The academy kids all stick together though despite the odds. In the end, the Sentinel does self-sacrifice to protect Juston and Emma rips it apart and destroys the CPU and tells them they can rebuild it without that part. Quicksilver comes to the rescue after all though which earns him a big hug from Finesse despite his attempt at stoicism.

Batman: Earth One – Special Preview Edition – This is the first chapter of the Batman: Earth One graphic novel and it was free. Definitely worth picking up. I’m not a big Batman fan but this looks like it will be a very well written story. We get to see what happened right before the movie where Bruce’s parents die. We also see Alfred come on the scene. (He looks damn good too though he’s shown using a cane which I’ve never seen before.)

Green Lantern Corps #11 – The Alpha War continues as the Alpha Lanterns fight the Green Lantern as Guy and John dig deep into Oa for some reinforcements. The Guardians stand back to watch everything fall apart as one of the Alphas starts taking a stand again the others.

Justice League #11 – The League breaks out of their traps (I thought they were down for the count last issue…) and learn more about Graves. Over on the Shazam side, Black Adam starts his search for the Wizard. Meanwhile, Billy runs across the fated subway train and finds the Rock of Eternity.

Legion of Super-Heroes #11 – The rescue team finds Brainiac 5 and Dream Girl but Brainy had to run back for his force field belt. When the Dominators find them, the traitor is revealed as Comet Queen tho I think she’s not really a traitor. I think Brainiac 5 has a plan of some sort.

Nightwing #11 – Nightwing takes on the Republic of Tomorrow. There’s still a lot of questions about this group. Dick starts coming to the realization (with the help of a few people) that some of the stuff going on is his fault and responsibility. We also find out that Detective Nie is actually gay and blames Nightwing for the death of his boyfriend. Now we know why he was really so pissed at him.

This week, Avengers Academy and the free Batman: Earth One preview top the list. I’ll give the third spot to Nightwing, not for a great plot but at least for good characterization and introduction of a gay character.

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