Weekly Comic Review for 7/25/12

Well, I’m finally catching up on my reviews as I’m adjusting to days at work. (My coworker who I used to work 3rd shift with told me when I joined him on 1st shift that I needed to give it a couple weeks and it would hit me. He was right.) On to the comics and some other updates soon.

Green Lantern #11 – Sinestro is back in the green from the indigo but the Indigo Tribe has balanced out the control some between him and Hal. Meanwhile, Black Hand is back on Earth with his black ring. So far, he’s only resurrected his family but who knows where things will go, especially with the Book of Black back in play.

Green Lantern: New Guardians #11 – The New Guardians confront Larfleeze about his betrayal of the team. Meanwhile, Invictus starts his replacement of planets in the Vega system. In the end, one of the cast makes the ultimate sacrifice to save another and the real ring thief is revealed. Now we just need to find out why.

National Comics: Eternity #1 – This is the first of a series of one-shots introducing characters that have yet to be revealed in the New 52 universe. This one shows us the story of Christopher Freeman, Kid Eternity. (He’s not called that in the book, but that’s what he used to be known as.) This time, he only brings to life the recent dead and works in a morgue. We even get to meet Mr. Keeper who is a black man in a business suit this time instead of a Buddha wannabe. Will we see more of him? Only time will tell.

Teen Titans #11 – First, we get to meet the New 52’s Loose Cannon. How’s that for obscure? Yes, the pulled the first of the Bloodlines out of the bag. I’m not sure what’s worse, the fact that they did it or the fact that I figured out who it was from the first frame he was in. He’s just there to get things rolling though. From there, we see Wonder Girl’s armor take control of her as she starts to take down the Teen Titans. There is also a backup story starring Kid Flash and some kids who are part dinosaur. Other than getting to see Loose Cannon, there wasn’t much interesting to the issue.

X-Treme X-Men #1 – An old title comes back with a story more along the lines of Exiles. The story starts off with Captain James Howlett (and alternate universe Wolverine), Emmeline Frost-Summers (an alternate Emma Frost), and a young Kurt Waggoner (Nightcrawler) along with about 100 heads from alternate Charles Xavier. They are trying to save the population of an alternate Earth by shunting everyone to another reality. In doing so, they break something in the multiverse and have to dimension hop to fix it. They end up on the main Marvel universe where they accidentally pick up Dazzler. (Not before she sees a drag queen version of herself though. Good laughs.) I’m not sure this will have quite the draw of the Exiles title but I wanted to at least check out the first issue.

There’s only 5 books and the top 3 are pretty obvious… Green Lantern, Green Lantern: New Guardians, and National Comics: Eternity. The other two aren’t terrible but just don’t cut it compared to those three.

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