Weekly Comic Review for 3/6/12

On for another week…

All-New X-Men #8 – Finally, there’s some focus on Angel who recently met his future self. It seem the future self is a whack job who talks about himself in the third person sometimes. This leads to them fighting Hydra (by themselves — I did say whack job…) until the Avengers show up to save the day and see 2 versions of Angel. This leads to an interesting conversation with Captain America and the modern Beast. It also leads to the younger Angel not being able to deal with things until Jean starts playing with his mind. This is not a good thing.

Dial H #10 – It seems that all dials are not created equal. Nelson faces the wielder of the other dial who falls in line with him. It turns out that the other dial is a sidekick dial which is now making things more complicated for Nelson and Manteau.

Earth 2 #10 – We get a brief look at how Khalid gets the Helm of Nabu. (We also see Hawkgirl when she first got her wings.) Flash and Khalid head into the Tower of Fate as demanded by Wotan while Green Lantern looks into the truth behind the death of his boyfriend, Sam, who may have been the target in the first place. I can’t wait to see what they do with Dr. Fate in this new universe.

Green Lantern #18 – Wrath of the First Lantern Part 5 – Simon Baz ends up in the black ring where Hal and Sinestro fight over who should get a power ring. In the end, Sinstro wins and he and Simon escape while Black Hand gets tossed into the ring… along with the ring?

Human Bomb #4 of 4 – Michael and Joan fight their way from the space base. Sadly, the Human Bomb is the only one who makes it out of the base. And by out of the base, I mean into space. Oops. Thankfully, Kyle Rayner was there to save the day and take him home where he’s invited to join the team. (Not officially called the Freedom Fighters yet and only involving Ray, Phantom Lady, and Doll Man so far.)

Phantom Stranger #6 – Mostly, the issue is a poker game between Phantom Stranger and the sons of Trigon as the Stranger tries to find out what happened to his family. We also get a brief appearance by Deadman and Terrance Thirteen.

Shadowman #5 – With a cover of total black, this issue really confused me when I got it from my pull list. The issue is interesting with a little battle (just enough to show the new Shadowman that he doesn’t have the safest life) and background on a lot of new stuff going on. We get to meet Doctor Mirage (a woman this time) and a new baddie to join the battle, Baron Samedi. Things are still building up here and look like they are going to be interesting.

Son of Merlin #2 – Siman and Merlin’s apprentice escape back to one of Merlin’s safe houses where Simon begins his magical training. Will it be enough though when Morgana sends some of her children after Simon to get the book? I guess we’ll find out next issue.

Stormwatch #18 – Engineer is going crazy and it seems that only Midnighter, Apollo, and Zealot can save the day. In the end, the good guys win but with so much of Stormwatch scattered, where does their future lie?

Not a bad week over all. I’d say Earth 2, Shadowman, and Son of Merlin topped the list this week. Two more weeks to go and another week of books coming out tomorrow. I need more free time.

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