Weekly Comic Review for 5/21/14

Amazing X-Men #7 – It looks like Spider-Man and his Amazing Friends instead of Amazing X-Men. What Bobby and Angelica thing is a simple shopping trip turns into a humorous adventure with their old pal, Spider-Men. They find a baby who turns out not to be a baby… or at least not a human one. It ends up being a winged, fire breathing alien. While not as goofy as the cartoon, the story does have some fun dynamics. I honestly think I’d rather read a book about this team than the one the book is intended for. I like the light and fun feel of this story.

Forever Evil #7 – After what seems like forever (phrasing intended), the mini-series finally ends. A lot of things all finally come together. Nightwing is saved and put on the path to be a secret agent. We find out that Alexander is actually the father of Super Woman’s baby. After a battle where even Black Adam’s lightning won’t stop Mazahs, it ends up Lex Luthor being the alternate version of Alexander is what stops the almost unstoppable bad guy. He also stops Atomica in a humorous if anticlimactic method by stepping on her. Bizarro is killed. The Justice Leagues are freed. Ultraman and Super Woman are captured but the only other remaining Crime Syndicate member, Owlman, runs free. Should be interesting to see where he pops up again. And, to make everything complicated, Lex takes the information about Dick Grayson and figures out that Bruce Wayne is Batman. A lot happens and there’s a lot more to come from this.

Green Lantern: New Guardians #31 – After the events in the annual. Kyle ends up on a living planet. This isn’t a nice one like Mogo though. In fact, Mogo actually fought and “killed” him and it’s up to Kyle to do it again. Carol wants to know where Kyle ended up though. It’s a bit of a nothing issue

Harley Quinn #6 – Harley and Syborg finish off their missions and then Harley gets a visit from Poison Ivy who has a lead on who had the price on Harley’s head.

Justice League #30 – Fever Evil tie-in – We start with a Justice League including Lex Luthor and Captain Cold hunting down a Secret Society that, sadly, includes the Pied Piper. (I like him reformed instead of evil.) We then jump back 4 days with Lex trying to join the Justice League and approaches Bruce Wayne about his secret identity. This is looking quite interesting, especially a scene where Wonder Woman uses her lasso on him.

Justice League of America #14 – Forever Evil tie-in – Following the events of the last issue of Forever Evil, the team looks at its future. Stargirl is debriefed about the events and the question of a new team came up. Both she and Oliver want this but most JLA members don’t. THen there’s the fact that Vibe and Element Woman were nowhere to be found. This all leads up to Justice League United.

New 52 Futures End #3 – I’m already getting frustrated with the “too many stories in an issue” style of this book. Ronnie and Jason are still arguing in the Firestorm form. Firestorm shows up. Grifter keeps up his tracking. Mr. Terrific studies the Batman from the future. Lois tracks down who she believes is Red Robin, a hero believed to be dead. With only a few pages per story, there aren’t many details.

Trinity of Sin: Pandora #11 – Pandora is being a hero but that doesn’t mean that Agent Kincaid from S.H.A.D.E. doesn’t want to kill her. Kinda funny that a werecrow is so judgmental against an immortal. The fact that she has a gun that can kill them makes it even more inconvenient. To make things worse, Vandal Savage shows up to exact his revenge.

There are actually some really good books this week. I would definitely suggest this week’s Amazing X-Men, Forever Evil, and Justice League.

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