Weekly Comic Review for 6/4/14

OK. I did this up yesterday and the internet ate it. I’m really getting pissed at this happening given the time it takes to do these up. So, here we go again…

Amazing X-Men #8 – World War Wendigo part 1 pf 5 – We start off with someone in Ontario, Canada accidentally killing a coworker and then tossing the body into a meat grinder. This seemed an odd and gruesome start to the issue We then go on to the X-Men with Wolverine visiting his friends in Alpha Flight and the regular team welcomed Colossus on board. While up in Canada, Wolverine discovers the repercussion of the first part of the story. With everyone in Canada eating the flesh of the worker, Wendigo are popping up all over. Yikes.

Amazing X-Men Annual #1 – Honestly, it’s not a very impressive annual. There 2 stories in it. The first mostly revolves around Storm and something that happened in Africa back when she was a child. The other is about Firestorm (whom I like) but the art on it is horrible. It’s intentionally so but that doesn’t mean it wasn’t too painful to even read.

Batman ’66 meets Green Hornet #1 of 6 – Yes, it’s the Adam West era Batman with the red phone and all. We have Batman and Green Hornet meeting to fight a wacko villain with the whole “Green Hornet as a hero posing as a villain” problem falling between them. It’s your standard stock with not very impressive art. The incredibly thick lined art style is actually fairly distracting, making things even worse.

Cyclops #2 – Corsair takes Scott on an excursion on an alien planet. Since this is young Cyclops, this is the first time he’s seen anything like this. We also see Corsair injecting something into himself and meeting an alien to get more of the drug, a drug that gets lost in a fire fight.

Earth 2 #24 – The war continues (of course) and Batman and team pull together after the attack on the Batcave. The conflict with Thomas Wayne and the rest of the team continues as he tries to get Val to take part in battles by blaming him for Red Arrow’s death. Meanwhile, Green Lantern takes the fore while Hawkgirl frees the Flash. And before the issue ends, we find that Val has an all too familiar S symbol on his chest. Hopefully this is taking a twist towards finally finishing this up.

Green Lantern #32 – Uprising part 3 of 6 – The corps takes the battle to the groups that teamed with the Durlans while the Durlans arrive on the planet of the energy creatures. Can this drag on much more? Well, obviously 3 issues more at least.

Jim Butcher’s Dresden Files: War Cry #1 – It’s the Council vs. the vampires and the Council is in such need of help that they actually turn to Harry Dresden. He and a team of 3 other mages are sent off to guard a safehouse from the vampires. The thing is that, other than the people there, they aren’t sure what they are guarding.

Justice League 3000 #7 – The team and Ariel escape the planet of the Five. Once off, they are contacted by Terry who happens to be part of the group. After breaking his sister Teri’s neck, Terry kills Flash (again!). Terry then uses the ability to kill any of the other Justice League remotely to blackmail Ariel who is the only one he can’t blow up. As he leaves the building, he shows he can blow up Cadmus tho.

New 52 Futures End #5 – It’s another week of “a little of this and a little of that”. (I’m really glad I was not doing reviews back in the days of 52/Countdown). This issue covers Mister Terrific’s plan to release his spheres, King Faraday visiting Grifter in the hospoital, Fury’s attempt to escape and running into Fifty Sue, and Constantine meeting up with people in a crop circle. The only real interesting part was the conflict between Jason and Ronnie and they finally stop being Firestorm, possibly for good.

New Warriors #5 – Part of the team fights in Wundagore Mountain with Justice still trying to claim Water Snake is Namorita. It turns out that Namorita is still alive but that Water Snake is trying to find her. The other part of the team is off doing investigations of their own and while out, Hummingbird sees Speedball as Penance with his spiky suit and all. Awkward moment there. Back on the mountain, we meet a humanoid cat and dog pair named Mr. Whiskers and Jake Waffles. (Really?) Sometimes I think they like to use the New Warriors name an see how bad of a book they can make. The first series was great and the second wasn’t bad but after that…. UGH!

Tiny Titans: Return to the Treehouse #1 – Yes, this is a kids book and the art is not something I would deal with in any other series. It’s cute tho. 🙂 I loved the original series for it’s goofiness yet fun side. This time around (and I’m pretty sure this is just a mini-series but the cover doesn’t list an issue limit), Brainiac and Psimon shrink down the TItans’ treehouse to win a Brainiac Club badge. Before the Titans can get it back, Brainiac takes the pair and disappears. This leaves the tiny heroes on a quest for a new treehouse. Given this group, who knows what will go wrong.

Trinity of Sin: Phantom Stranger #20 – It’s Spectre and Phantom Stranger vs. Sin Eater and Satan in dog form. 9I swear, someone at DC must be dyslexic and misread “god” as “dog” and now they have to go with it.) The team you never thought you’d see happens, they get turned on each other, combine to form Super-Celestial Being (I didn’t know this was an anime!) and win the day. They still aren’t friends though.

It was a decent week this time around with a few good options. This week, my top pics are Amazing X-Men, Jim Butcher’s Dresden Files: War Cry, and Tiny Titans: Return to the Treehouse. Quite a diverse list this time around but all good reads.

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