Weekly Comic Review for 10/10/12

A lot of stuff this week. Better late than never…

Archer & Armstrong #3 – Our guys fight the nuns that they ran across last issue and we find out what Archer’s “brothers and sisters” have been up to. Things aren’t looking good for the good guys in the big picture. Things are speeding up a lot more than I expected.

Arrow Special Edition #1 – This is a free comic from DC to advertise the new Arrow TV show. The first part is a short story along the lines of a TC show. The second part is a few pages from Green Arrow #0. The book is a total of 16 pages.

Bloodshot #4 – This issue starts 3 years in the past where we get to see Bloodshot in action as well as our little EMP generator do her thing to Bloodshot for the first time. Then we’re back to the present to see that he hasn’t been terminated yet. New alliances form and the nurse who has been helping Bloodshot really shows the guts she’s got.

Demon Knights #13 – The Demon Knights (less Jason who has been separated from Etrigan) are in Hell and Etrigan starts setting up a deal with Lucifer. It turns out the Shining Knight may have an ace up his/her sleeve too. We learn more about the team from their tortures and the knight’s gender question is pushed further. This is going to lead to something interesting.

Green Lantern Corps #13 – Rise of the Third Army continues. The Guardians set up Guy for a fall and the new army track down some lanterns as one falls.

Kevin Keller #5 – The cover I picked up for this was an homage to Action Comics #1. The issue revolved around Kevin getting a new car which is actually his father’s old jeep. (The jeep is the car being smashed on the cover. The guys beef up his car leading too all sorts of odd stuff going on during Kevin’s drive-in date.

Legion Lost #13 – A visitor from the future shows up with more missions as we find out about traitors in the midst. Plus, the team fights an alien who comes to attack Earth. We find out that Tyroc is supposed to die in the modern era and more stuff is going on with Harvest still.

New Crusaders #2 – The kids learn about their parents’ heroic identities. The Shield tests them and the decide to become heroes themselves.

Phantom Stranger #1 – The betrayals continue as we’re introduced to the New 52’s version of Raven and Trigon. I wonder how many characters are going to get introduced in this title. Plus, Pandora tracks down the Stranger to his home where it seems he actually has a life after all.

Ravagers #5 – The Ravagers get a tour of the safe house and the team gets ready to take on Harvest and his people. Plus, Thunder’s powers go out of control and the team learns more about some of the stuff done to them.

Scarlet Spider #10 – Minimum Carnage part 2 – I really hate reading parts of storylines when you don’t buy the other titles. I guess this is the comic company’s way of making you buy comics you don’t want. Kaine and Venom learn more about that’s going on with Carnage after he headed into the Microverse. The guys head in too but get separated. Venom meets the Micronauts (including Bug who’s off with Guardians of the Galaxy so not sure why he’s here) and Scarlet Spider meets someone else who is in a little trouble.

Team 7 #1 – It’s the team’s first mission and they are off to check out a prison in the sky. We get Lynch’s running commentary on the group throughout the issue. On top of that, we get the introduction of the concept of Eclipso (or so it seems so far). So far, it seems interesting seeing this grow.

Uncanny Avengers #1 – Over a dozen variant covers? Really? As if all the new first issues won’t be enough, do you have to buy 18 different covers? (I got the “little kids” cover.) Captain America tries to recruit Havok to lead a new team of Avengers. Don’t we have enough Avengers teams and X-Teams? We have Xavier’s funeral and lots of conflicts as the members start to come together. To make things worse, the Red Skill pops up.

Lots of books but not tons of options for the Top 3. The ones I picked are Demon Knights, Phantom Stranger, and Team 7.

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