Oliver Queen Returns to the CW

Last night while watching television, I saw an ad for a show that will be premiering this fall on the CW. Check it out.

You can find other (and maybe even better) ones online, but this is the one I saw. (I saw similar ones with a different show logo, but this one looks better.) As you noticed, I said Oliver Queen returns to the CW. Last time we saw him, it was Green Arrow on Smallville played by Justin Hartley. I’m not sure what’s up but if you watched the clip above, you’ll notice that the title is just called “Arrow”, not “Green Arrow” though they make sure to point out his hood is green. I’m not sure if the hero name (but not the civilian name) is tied up in some other project. Otherwise, I don’t know why they’d change the name of a character that was already made popular on the channel. On top of that, the Oliver on the show is living in Starling City instead of Star City. I’m really confused by that subtle for stupid fact change. Being a fan of the archers (ergo, my excitement over Hawkeye being in the Avengers movie), I will be looking forward to seeing how the show turns out. I’m just annoyed when creators take their ability to make adjustments to characters for no real reason other than because they can. We’ve still got a few months before we get to see this though. Hopefully there will be some more new comic related shows coming down the pike for the fall as well.

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