Weekly Comic Review for 3/25/15

Amazing X-Men #18 – How do you stop someone like the Living Monolith who has gained the power of the Juggernaut? How about going to the source? Peter, Rachel, and Pixie go to see Cyttorak while the others fight the new Juggernaut. Peter convinces him to put the power into someone else. It ends up being Cain Marco though instead of Peter. Not only that but the drawing of Juggernaut looks messed up, more like he’s in a metallic armor instead of his old stuff. Yeah, I think I reached my stopping point on this one.

Black Hood #2 – I liked the old MLJ stuff. I wish they would go back to that, but they did go to Dark Circle instead of Red Circle. I guess that’s a sign. The book is very dark about the Black Hood’s drug needs and then someone frames him and he gets dragged off to jail. That’s about all there is to it and it’s not all that interesting. Cutting my losses on this book.

Earth 2: World’s End #25 – It’s pretty much, everyone vs. Darkseid. And most of the heroes get their asses kicked. Next issue is the end of this.

Flash #40 – The loose ends are tied up as Iris and Patty stop the Flash from killing. Future Barry then realizes what he’s become and tells Patty the truth. Meanwhile, Barry gets his powers back and escapes back to Earth before Selkirk can kill him. Selkirk gets some power too and follows him back. It’s then up to the 2 Flashes to stop him. And, of course, they win but it’s the end of future Barry. Patty leaves Barry since she can only see him as a killer now. As for Selkirk, he finds a savior… in the form of Professor Zoom. This is getting good.

Multiversity: Ultra Comics #1 – We finally get the “you must not read this” comic they keep talking about. They use a few characters named Ultra as well. (The multi-alien as well as the guy who appeared in a few issues of the original Justice League of America title) The story is one where you start off with a character at the end of the storyline and then you get to start it. Cliche! He’s this super powerful being that’s created in a vat and… blah blah blah. Cut to giant black demon blob being the creature we’re warned of. What we should have been warned of was to not even bother buying the comic let alone read it. After the other Multiverse titles, this was a major disappointment.

New 52 Futures End #47 – The heroes keep battling Brother Eye and his creations. Tim dons the Batman Beyond costume (I wonder if this is why there’s no record of him in the future.) and Firestorm shows up to help him power the time circuit. Tim jumps back to stop Brother Eye from saving the Earth 2 refugees. Brother Eye says that he will destroy himself to stop this all from happening and Tim gets shot back to his time. He’s shocked by what he finds… but we don’t know what it is yet.

Rad Lantern #40 – Guy meets up with his sister and decides on a plan to stop all the red energy on Earth by absorbing it all. It ends up being too much and he somehow channels the blue energy (hope) to get rid of it all. In the end, he’s just Guy with his sister and the baby. There’s no red ring on his hand but who knows what might have happened. I’d still like to know what’s up with Rancorr.

Wow! This week REALLY sucked. Top 3? Ummmmm…. Can I get back to you on that? No? Darn. Well, Flash is definitely at the top. It was the only great book. I guess New 52 Futures End was sorta cool with Tim becoming the future Batmanand everything. Given the other 4 books were totally not worth it, spot 3 goes to Red Lanterns.

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