Weekly Comic Review for 2/27/12

Time to do a little catching up.

Avengers Arena #5 – This is mostly just another background story issue. This time we get information on Kid Briton with a little about the others in his British band. For the most part, he’s just an young alternate universe Captain Britain with an attitude. Having all these new characters and spending all the time trying to introduce them, the story gets a bit boring.

Guardians of the Galaxy #0.1 – It’s the origin and history of Star Lord. We see his mother meet his alien father and the alien Badoon track him down. This leads into the series which will include Iron Man. I’m not sure how this will affect him in the Avengers but it should be interesting.

Red Lanterns #17 – Wrath of the First Lantern Part 4 – Atrocitus talks to the “ghost” of Krona while traveling to the center of Maltus. Meanwhile, Rancorr makes his way around Earth and explores his abilities more. The First Lantern makes an official appearance just in time for the end of the book so we’ll have to see what he does to Atrocitus.

Teen Titans #17 – The issue starts out with what I’m assuming is going to be the origin of Doctor Light. Then the Titans get their new base in the form of a big boat where Red Robin hits on both Solstice and Wonder Girl. Is this really Tim Drake though? Raven also makes an appearance. I wonder if she’ll stay evil. Can’t say I’m liking her new look.

X-Men Legacy #6 – Legion battles Luca in the body of the male twin. Luca keeps manipulating events until Legion finally gets around it though Blindfold ends up being the one to stop him. The connection between Legion and Blindfold will be interesting as it’s explored. In the end, Legion discovers a new personality… Charles Xavier. Uh oh!

Young Avengers #2 – The alternate universe version of Hulkling’s mother goes crazy and starts corrupting everyone around her. She’s like an alien psychotic June Cleaver. They turn to the Avengers only for them to be corrupted too. In the end, they turn to Loki. They really have to be desperate. I wonder what kind of trouble this is going to lead to.

Well, the books get a 50/50 chance this week. My pics are Guardians of the Galaxy, X-Men Legacy, and Young Avengers.

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