Weekly Comic Review for 3/18/15

Oops. I thought I was only behind on last week’s book but it appears I missed my review for the prior week too. So, I’ve queued up Galaxy Quest on Netflix and I’m working on the review.

All-New X-Men #39 – Black Vortex chapter 5 – I still don’t know quite what’s going on here since I’m not following the other titles. Most of this is about the team reconnecting with Cyclops which is more awkward for some than others. Eventually, the team splits up to take on a few missions revolving around the stuff that’s been going on including an attack on Hala.

Cyclops #11 – We continue with Vileena and her father. Her father won’t kill Scott and his father but he does sell them into slavery. Of course, they escape. In the ensuing events, Captain Malafect gets killed. This just means that the new captain, his daughter, is really pissed at Scott. Uh oh!

Earth 2: World’s End #24 – The people of Earth 2 try to escapee while Kara, Val, and Lois take the battle to Darkseid.

Green Lantern: New Guardians #40 – The battle against Oblivion continues. He pulls in all the help he can but it’s still not enough. They he decided to depower himself by splitting the Life Equation into multiple rings. They go out and find their new owners which includes Saysoran who has been helping out. They are able to then defeat Oblivion and the White Lantern Corps is started. The title, on the other hand, has ended as things go on into Convergence.

New 52 Futures End #46 – A few of the heroes pull things together as Bruce/Batman and crew try to find a way to fight Brother Eye. Meanwhile, Terry/Batman and his team fight off the robotized people. During the battle, Terry gets killed.

Teen Titans #8 – The Teen Titans revel in the fame they got from their battle being televised. Honestly, this is getting really boring. I hope things get better after Convergence.

Not the most exciting of weeks. I’ll have to pick Cyclops, Green Lantern: New Guardians, and New 52 Futures End for the top 3 this week.

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