Weekly Comic Review for 12/9/15

Black Knight #2 – It seems we’ve already jumped into battle since last issue. We then find out that he was working with the Avengers months ago and the ebon blade was getting more powerful. Then, during battle with some bad guys, he killed one of them with the sword. This is what caused the Avengers to track Dane down in Wierdworld. Not sure why it took them months but it seems like that time has allowed the Black Knight to train up his people so that they are able to get the drop on the Avengers. As much as I like the Black Knight, I think I’ll be passing on this any further at least until he’s out of Weirdworld.

Green Arrow #47 – After getting left behind last issue, Green Arrow is captured and caged. At least he’s in the same cell as George who is in a bit of rough shape. We also find out what’s up with the skull faces kid we keep seeing. It turns out that this is all about him and the god that was prayed to to save him when he was a baby. Oliver and George are to be the sacrifices to the god. Thankfully, Tarantula does the right thing and comes back. This saves Oliver and George, but the kid and his father are goners. We also find out the skull faced guys are zombies. This was actually a lot cooler ending to the story than the rest of it was. I wonder if they’ll follow up on the story from the annual next.

Hercules #2 – It’s Hercules vs. the Gigantes, ancient giants. Having to take care of them means Herc has Gilgamesh help out the landlord. As much as she hates Gilgamesh, they actually have a good talk and may start to connect. Hercules also gets a little more information on the “storm” that is coming. After the battle, Hercules consults the oracle which leads him to some centaurs while a trio of being attack her. I’m liking the build up on this story and can’t wait to see where it goes.

Scarlet Witch #1 – Wanda has a home in New York City now. She also has quite an unusual roommate — the ghost of Agatha Harkness. It definitely gives her someone interesting to bounce stuff off of who can’t have an actual presence in whatever she is doing out in the world. To start things off, the Scarlet Witch is doing a little detective work followed by an exorcism. She comes home to Agatha with news that there is a problem with magic. I wonder if this will be tying in with the storyline going on in Doctor Strange. It seems too much of a coincidence not to. So far, this side of things looks like it has a chance to be interesting though. The artwork definitely has an interesting style. It’s different than what I usually like but it suits the book at least. I’ll be checking this out for at least a couple more issues.

Secret Wars #8 of 9 – It’s the penultimate issue of the series. Even at the time I’m writing this though, we still haven’t see the last issue. The battle on Battleworld continues. The Thing in very huge form faces what seems to be a husk of Galactus controlled by Franklin Richards. (I guess his powers are less locked down in this universe.) For whatever reason, Ben lets Franklin destroy him. Then things really get interesting. When he’s attacked by Black Swan, Starlord breaks out a piece of Groot who grows up to huge form in an instant. Valeria takes her mother to meet the 2 Reed Richards. Doom confronts and kills Thanos with almost no effort. And then, to really top things off, Black Panther and Namor bring the zombies through the Siege Perilous into the midst of the whole battle. It should definitely be interesting to see how things turn out with the final issue. They added issue 9 to make it a really big ending so they better do something good with what they’ve built up here.

Starfire #7 – Sol takes Kory on a dinner cruise. This just happens to be the same ship Dick Grayson is on following someone for Spyral. (There sure are a lot of coincidences in comic books.) It turns out that the tech Spyral uses to mask themselves isn’t totally impervious to some aliens and Starfire sees through it. The two team up and stop the bad guys. Then we have the drama of Kory and Dick’s relationship. Now, I’m not sure where this relationship even came from. I didn’t think they had even met since the New 52. I mean, they were never in the Teen Titans of this reality. Sounds like someone messed up. The fun part of rebooting reality. Trying to keep track of what happened this time and what was last time. Maybe they’ll explain it with Titans Hunt but you never know.

Well, 6 issues so it’s a 50/50 split for the top 3. While most of the books aren’t too bad, the top 3 were definitely easy to pick. The spots go to Green Arrow, Hercules, and Scarlet Witch. The 2 new books definitely have some potential. I hope it keeps going.

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