Weekly Comic Review for 3/5/14

And here’s another week…

Afterlife with Archie #4 – We start off with how Archie getting his dog Vegas as a puppy. We then jump to the present and see Vegas from the zombie Hot Dog. Archie makes it inside and finds his mother safe though his father didn’t survive. Of course, neither does Vegas after his fight with Hot Dog. Archie and his mother escape and the zombies head off to Lodge mansion.

Archer & Armstrong #18 – Mission: Improbable part 1 – H.A.R.D. Corps starts it’s mission to capture Archer. The first thing they do is make sure that Armstrong will stay separated from him by getting drunk. Then it’s Bloodshot vs. Archer as a real battle of skills.

Earth 2 #21 – The battle with Superman continues and Atom learns that disarmed doesn’t always mean what you think. Overall, it’s a lot of little things going on extending the battle more and more. Superman finds out about the new Kryptonian (Val) which means he has a new target to beat up.

Forever Evil #6 of 7 – The mostly bad guy version of the JLA heads in to take on the Crime Syndicate and free Nightwing. It ends up that Nightwing is connected to a bomb. Plus, the identity of the mystery person is revealed. It makes sense that it would be Lex Luthor, the one good guy from Earth 3 that was revealed during the Crisis on Infinite Earths. The difference is that this one has the power of Mazahs! (No, I’m not dyslexic. That is what they call it. This should make for an interesting final issue.

Moon Knight #1 – There’s still reference to Marc being crazy. I think they are trying to work out bad stories in his history. He now wears the mask and a white suit. He is also a consultant for the cops and they call him Mr. Knight. I’m not really sure what to make of this new incarnation. I’m afraid that this may be another flop.

New Warriors #2 – We get introduced to the new Inhuman who joins the team after saving Sun Girl. Meanwhile, Water Snake (That’s the best name they could think of for the new Atlantean?) shows up and comflicts with Scarlet Spider and Hummingbird. The High Evolutionary’s goons confront both teams while Nova (Sam, not Richard, sadly) meets the High Evolutionary himself.

Quantum & Woody: Goat #0 – It’s a goofy story of how the goat and how it kept crossing paths with Quantum and Woody and how it got its powers. The message “Boys, I’m your father” at the end is kinda freaky as it’s been acting like a regular goat otherwise.

Scooby-Doo Team-Up #3 – To follow the theme so far, we get a bat-family member. This time though it’s someone less helpful… Bat-Mite. To make matters worse, someone else from his dimension follows him… Scooby-Mite. Really?!? OMG!!! This is SO bad. Sadly, this means it feels like a normal Scooby-Doo cartoon. The 2 Mites argue over who is better, Batman or Scooby and use their powers to test it out. Batman finally uses logic to get them to head back. This just leaves things wide open for a last minute appearance of Larry (Robin’s “Mite”). *groan*

Trinity of Evil: Phantom Stranger #17 – Forever Evil: Blight – Phantom Stranger vs the Spectre until God and the Spirit of Redemption show up. This leaves the trio to go to the sons of Trigon for help. You know they have to be desperate then.

Not a bad week but only about mediocre. Archer & Armstrong, Forever Evil, and Scooby-Doo Team-Up make up the top 3.

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