Weekly Comic Review for 5/1/13

Another week of comics. This week, DC and Marvel just barely make 1/2 of the pulls.

All-New X-Men #11 – They finally reveal who is leaving the X-Men to join Cyclops’ crew. Not surprisingly, it’s Angel. Again, Jean tries to take control of him to stop him but this time the Stepford sisters intervene and stop her. Following that, Mystique infiltrates Tony Stark’s office, Kitty had a talk with Jean who is scaring her teammates, and the Uncanny Avengers appear. Jean is getting boring and what started as really cool is becoming less interesting.

Archie #643 – It’s part 3 of “Archie Meets Glee”. While Artie and Dilton work on trying to get everyone back into their own universes, the groups continue to cross-connect. Puck and Betty go on a date which Cherry crashes. The Pussycats try to recruit Mercedes, but when they can’t, they target Blaine. In the end, Puck and Betty finally miss which causes the work to start coming apart. Let’s hope things get fixed next time.

Charismagic #1 – This is the first issue of the new series (volume 2) and is part of Apen’s 10 for 10 celebrating 10 years. Even for a first issue, you really need to know what happened in the last series. I was totally lost. The only thing that really made it interesting was talking cat.

Dial H #12 – The title gets even more confusing as a bunch of bizarre heroes cross the dimensions to save Nelson and Roxie from the Fixer. The Fixer changes characters almost every time he appears. I don’t eve know what’s going on any more and I’m not sure I care.

Earth 2 #12 – It’s Dr. Fate vs Wotan (with the help of Flash and Green Lantern). It’s cool watching the team come together and they will need that given that Steppenwolf has caught the world’s eye. I hope more of the old JSA shows up. I wonder what they are doing with Mr. Terrific.

Harbinger Wars #2 – It’s Bloodshot vs. Harada and boy does it get messy. On top of that, we find out what’s going on with the rest of the psiot kids. It’s interesting to see how they all react their first time in a long time out in the real world without anyone bossing them around. As if things weren’t messy enough, the Harbingers are on their way.

The Movement #1 – It’s Coral City and a bunch of super-powered kids named the Movement are taking to the street to right the wrongs. The big problem is that so is a group called Channel M. This is a new title replacing some of the recent cancels. It’s a bunch of new characters as far as I know and had no connection to any other title. Not really sure what to make of it. It’s not terrible but definitely not enough of a draw to make me get issue 2.

Phantom Stranger #8 – The Stranger’s body is dropped on Justice League Dark’s doorstep so they call on the Nightmare Nurse to save him. While caught outside his dying body, he meets up with the Sin Eater, the man who kidnapped Phillip Stark’s family. The problem? The Sin Eater is the real Phillip Stark out for revenge. We finally get to find out how the Phantom Stranger took over Stark’s life. It turns out he was a real psycho who was about to kill his family and the Stranger saved them by taking Stark’s place. This is getting interesting. There’s still a lot to find out about this Phantom Stranger. The original one was a real enigma.

Shadowman #0 – Despite what you may think, this book is actually the origin of Master Darque. It starts out with him as a kid, growing up with his father and twin sister in Louisiana. The father teaches the twins magic which they become adept at. It really is only a plan to gain more power for himself though. Master Darque (the young) fights Master Darque (the old) for the life of his sister and takes down his father. I hope we get to see the sister soon and find out what side of things she will be on. The mythos of Shadowman is really growing nicely and it’s fun watching it all unfold.

Son of Merline #4 – Morgana attacks Penelope’s place and Simon turns over the diary to save the 3 of them. Hopefully he can get to the stone first now. And Morgana seems to think there’s really more to Simon with as quickly as he’s picked up the magic. I can’t wait to find out what more there is to him.

Stormwatch #20 – For the most part, it’s a regular old Stormwatch battle where you learn a little more about the new team. As a side story, we get to meet the new Lobo and learn his origin and learn about his live. Interesting way to end the series.

There were a few interesting title as well as a couple bombs. A few titles stood out though. The top of those were Earth 2, Shadowman, and Son of Merlin. Funny that 2 of the 3 were independents. Looks like Marvel and DC really need to pick up their game.

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