Learning Lessons the Hard Way

I had plans to do up my post for the next week of comics I had to catch up on. When I logged in, there was a notice that there were updates so I did them. The update to my theme reset everything to the default leaving me with a lot of work getting things back to normal. (You can see some of the drama about it here.) I had wanted some downtime to game a little tonight after my post but I’m going to be lucky to get a decent night’s sleep once I’m done. Not sure how much time I’ll have tomorrow to do it as they are moving my server to the new facility. Yes, I am geek enough to have my own server. If only I’d been geek enough to know not to do the damned update. 😛

Update: Forget this. I’m getting some sleep. I may have to reinstall the 3.0 version to replace the “Lite” version it tossed in to replace the original which screwed up everyone’s sites. Yes, the site still looks screwy and the log i missing. I’m stepping away from the laptop before I break it into little itty bitty pieces.

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