Pandora Boxx Rocks the Rock

Last night I got a chance to attend a performance by Pandora Boxx, stop of RuPaul’s Drag Race and RuPaul’s Drag U on Logo. Seeing Pandora’s show held a special draw for me as she is from Rochester, NY which is only an hour from Buffalo, NY which is the area I’m from. I rooted for Pandora and her quirky style when she was on Drag Race a couple seasons ago and was glad when she won the Miss Congeniality title even if she didn’t win the actual contest.

Thankfully the Rock allowed me to purchase a pass to the show even though it was sold out last night. I was able to share a table with a representative from The Phoenix New Times newspaper. At 8:00pm, Pandora Boxx was brought out and introduced to the group of gathered fans. The staff send up guests a few at a time. I was able to meet Pandora, get my picture taken with her (which I’ve posted in this post)m got her autograph on one of the pictures that was available to be purchased, and had time to chat with her for a couple minutes. I mentioned that I was from back in western New York to which she replied “I’m sorry to hear that.” I had to laugh at her comedic response. Pandora met with everyone there before taking a break prior to the performance.

Pandora Boxx was joined by locals Pandora DeStrange, Peaches, and Olivia Gardens. Pandora Boxx’s first song was Total Eclipse of the Heart which she got laughs for by following instructions early in the song when it said to “turn around.” The second song she did was her upcoming single “Nice Car” which was quite humorous. (“Nice Car. Sorry about your penis.”) The release date will be corresponding with the start of the RuPaul’s All-Star Drag Race in October. Her final performance started out with a sound clip from the Nicole Kidman version of The Stepford Wives. It then turned into a mash-up of various other songs including “Mr. Roboto”. All of her performances went over quite well and her outfits were quite fun. (The last one looked very Stepford.) The local queens were fun as well with Pandora #2 and Peaches both actually singing their songs instead of just lip syncing them. I had a really good time at the show and was glad I got to see the show.

There is still a chance for any locals to go see her perform Sunday at 5pm for the meet and greet and 7pm for the show. The Rock has more Drag Race contestants coming up. In a couple weeks, Chad Michaels will be at the bar but I will be out of town and will miss it. Latrice Royale, Raja, and Delta Works will also be making appearances sometime in the future. I’m hoping to get to see some of them while they’re here. If you get a chance to go see these shows, I’d recommend it. The Roch staff was very nice and ran Pandora’s event well so I’m betting the rest will be a lot of fun.

By the way, there’s a few pics in the photo gallery. Check them out. I was only able to get a couple decent pics due to distance and lighting.

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