Weekly Comic Review for 2/13/13

Had a busy weekend going to the local Renaissance Fair. It was a great time but I’m relaxing home sunburnt now. Good time to catch up on another post. I hope everyone out there had a great weekend.

Archer & Armstrong #7 – There is more background on the Eternal Warrior and his connection with the Null. Then the new Geomancer joins the grew as they investigate her former company. She can see there’s more to Archer than meets the eye too. (No, that doesn’t mean he’s a Transformer!) Gilad still doesn’t trust Archer or Armstrong. It makes you wonder what it will take for them all to get along. Tho things wouldn’t be as fun then, would they?

Avengers Arena #3 & 4 – Yeah, I missed an issue. So sue me. In issue 3, we learn some of Cammi. We also see Juston get attached and finally see some action from Darkhawk just in time for his stone to get pulled out. How are they now? Who knows? On to issue 4, we see Niko and Chase unsuccessfully try to team up with the Avengers that are left. Not a whole lot going on. This series is a lot of running in circles and is kinda boring.

Bloodshot #8 – Bloodshot and crew keep up their attack on Rising Spirit. Bloodshot takes on the young psiots and then goes head to head with Gamma.

Demon Knights #17 – The team gathers to go up against Cain. Al Jabr sends the Horsewoman (and her new mischievous steed), Exoristos, and the Shining Knight out to save Jason Blood. They rescue him and run into Madam Xanadu. The army builds and things keep getting interesting.

Katana #1 – I love that it says “From the Pages of Justice League of America” on the cover when the book hadn’t even come out yet. The story is pretty much about Katana setting herself up in San Francisco. I’m not sure how or why she keeps going grey but her color is as bland as the book so far. Not going to check out the second issue.

Ravagers #9 – Rose keeps trying to be the hero. Warblade keep trying to be one. The Ravagers keep telling people those two aren’t the good guys. People keep exploding. Something is up with both Thunder and the Sheriff’s son who seem to have some sort of power. Hopefully we’ll find out more on what’s going on with each of them next issue. Oh, and Daddy Harvest has been watching the whole thing which means our two “heroes” are in big trouble.

Scarlet Spider #14 – While Aracely fights for her life, Kaine fights his inner battles. He’s dying from the battle with the werewolves and his only option is to give in to the spider avatar which turns him in a man-spider. I hope he doesn’t stay this way because him being human and fighting to find his place as one was what made the book interesting.

Uncanny X-Men #1 – There’s a traitor in the ranks as someone fills in Maria Hill on what’s going on with Cyclops lately and how out of control both he and his powers have become.

It’s another week of mostly mediocre books. Let’s see what we’ve got. I’ll put Demon Knights in the top 3 just for the fun with Horsewoman and her new ride. Archer & Armstrong is always a fun read; I recommended it to the local comic shop so I’ll recommend it here. For the third book, I guess I’ll go with Uncanny X-Men.

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