Weekly Comic Review for 1/2/13

I hope everyone had a happy New Year. Let’s hope the new year will bring some good comic books. Let’s take a look at how things have started.

All-New X-Men #5 – Jean, Hank the Younger, and Hank the Older have a little pow-wow in the older Hank’s head which shows Hank that he’s already made changes in the lives of the original X-Men. While in there, Jean has the older Hank show her what is to become of her which, understandably, blows her mind. As Kitty takes her out, Hank the younger finally takes care of the modern day Hank’s mutation issues. He’s still blue and fuzzy but he’s no longer a kitty cat. Upon the original team getting together, they put it to a vote on whether or not to stay. It’s not unanimous but they stay, Kitty volunteers to keep an eye on them, and Jean keeps distant from Scott. Looks like learning her future isn’t going to be good for her.

Hero Worship #6 – The plan unfolds to take down Zenith, but Atlas isn’t sure he can go through with it. When it comes down to it, He takes the hit meant for Zenith and, contrary to how the image the rebels are putting up, Zenith saves him. So, is it Zenith that needs to be stopped or just the foundation. That’s the question Adam must ask himself as the first volume ends. I was hoping this would be a continuing title but I guess not. I really liked it.

Morbius #1 – You gotta love a series that starts with the main character dying. And I’m talking a half dozen pages in. The we pick up with Morbius following the events in Amazing Spider-Man #699.1 with a brief rehash of his origin and history. He moves on to a outskirts of New York and catches up to the start of the issue. So, where do we go with a book whose main character is now among the dead undead? Guess we’ll find out next issue.

New Avengers #1 – This picks up with the Illuminati and Black Panther turning his back on them. Then we go on to Black Panther in modern times in Wakanda running across some aliens who blow up their own planet that is hanging above the Earth. This causes him to pull together a team, maybe a new Illuminati. At the end, you see Namor, Captain America, Tony Start, Black Bolt, Reed Richards, and Doctor Strange (in his old cloak of levitation which should be owned by Brother Voodoo for some reason). Not sure where this is going but it’s not the most exciting cast.

Red Lanterns #15 – Bleez and Rancor head to Earth and confront Rancor’s brother while Atrocitus deals with risen Manhunters that he empowers with the blood power. Plus, Dex-Star goes on a little rampage of his own.

Teen Titans #15 – Death of the Family – Joker plays around with Red Robin whom he’d placed in the original Red Robin costume. (Interesting since with the reboot, we’ve never seen it before.) Meanwhile, the Teen Titans call on Batgirl to try to find Red Robin. Luckily, it seems they are getting assistance from some of Team 7 (with a reference to the current Birds of Prey) and Red Hood and the Outlaws (which it continues in). The book has the standard Joker’s face cover overlay. I hate crossovers where I don’t read most of the books.

Not a bad week but not also not a great one. My top 3 of the week are All-New X-Men, Hero Worship, and Morbius.

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