Weekly Comic Review for 7/31/13

This week was a pretty sparse week. This was all I picked out.

Red Lanterns #22 – Atrocitus is gone and the fight for power begins. Or does it? Guy Gardner takes control by not taking control. He gets the remaining red lanterns to agree on democracy tho he seems to be influencing things anyway. Tho the red ring seems to be having its own influence on Guy too. So, where does that leave his mission for the green team? But what of Atrocitus? Well, it seems Dex-Starr’s got his own plans. (Let’s cancel Larfleeze’s title and give Dex-Starr a title instead. 🙂 )

Trinity of Sin: Pandora #2 – Trinity War tie-in – The Secret Society is after Pandora, but she’s looking for them too. Well, at least one of them that is. If Superman isn’t the answer to getting the skull open, then maybe the other extreme would work. The other end of the spectrum is Vandal Savage. The Box knocked Superman for a loop and caused him to kill someone. At the other end, the opposite happens; Vandal Savage ends up on the ground crying in remorse for all the damage he did. WOW! That was actually a scene I was happy to see. Still, if neither of these work, what is she going to do? I’m waiting to see the resolution of this problem.

Obviously, no top 3 this week. Both issues were pretty good. Check them out.

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