Weekly Comic Review for 12/30/15

And I’m finally caught up on the comic reviews.

Flash #47 – All the pieces come together in this issue. And when I say pieces, I mean it. The book is split up in almost alternating panels of now and flashbacks for Zoom. It shows him blackmailing Barry’s father into taking the blame for his wife’s murder. It shows him being a tyrant in the future/his past and blaming rebellion on Barry because the people idolized him. He makes himself out to be some hero when he was not a kind leader at all. To him, everything is Barry’s fault. Zoom’s father killed his mother in front of him which is why he set up Barry’s father like he did. The guy is really psycho. And Barry somehow works out that Zoom doesn’t speed up, he makes everything else slower. I’m not really sure why this makes any different other than so he can call him the reverse Flash even more. I’m really not impressed with the issue. Splitting up the current and past events the way they did was interesting but also annoying in trying to read it. I’m just glad it’s over. I only recently picked the title back up again based on the good reviews I heard from others. I’m not sure if it’s good enough for me to stick with though.

Justice League #47 – The cover says it’s part 7 of the Darkseid War. The inside says it’s chapter 1 of act 3. Since last issue was act 2 chapter 2, that means we had a 4 chapter act, a 2 chapter act, and who knows what next. There’s not even any consistency in numbering per issue let alone in number of chapters per “act”. Green Lantern and Batman join Wonder Woman as she gets Superman under control. Batman says the energy he’s running on know is going to break his body down. Meanwhile, Power Ring, Cyborg, Mister Miracle, and Barda go to interrogate the Crime Syndicate. While Barda creates a diversion and Scott checks in with Ultraman, the others go to Super Woman. The ring takes over Power Ring though and then brings Grid out in Cyborg again. Then, Owlman shows up to start bringing the group back together but actually suggests they work with the league to stop Mobius. I’m through with the whole “god of” business with everyone but this part of the story has me a little more interested.

Squadron Supreme #2 – This issue has the team pretty scattered. With Namor dead, Nighthawk creates a new identity (Since there already is a Kyle Richmond on this world) and takes over Namor’s businesses. While investigating some stuff, he finds a Kymellian who blows everything up to keep him from finding out what was going on. Hyperion is just out investigating life. Princess Power gets visited by Modred the Mystic (I haven’t seen him in ages!) after she drains some guy of his life. This is the character from the original team and she was never like that before. It’s a bit odd to add that sort of side story to her. When I first saw her, I thought they were bringing Selene into the storyline. Doctor Spectrum has some dream about Black Bolt saving her and Blur is just sorta around. The even talk about how they aren’t like a real team. And to really class it up, on the last page, the Uncanny Avengers show up. Is this a required cameo for new books? Are they the ones who have to investigate everything? I’m not sure if they are using them to boost other books or spreading them out to get others to ready their book. Either way, I’m sick of seeing them and not getting too attached to the Squadron either.

Superman: Lois and Clark #3 – We get another flashback to this Superman’s earlier time on this Earth when he fought an albino named Blanque who had telepathic and telekinetic powers. After beating him, he locked him up where he felt he couldn’t be able to get to anyone else. Back in the present, Clark flies off to his home base. It’s not the fortress of solitude but it’s a lot more high tech than I’d ever think he could build without anyone else finding out who he was. There’s even some Kryptonian stuff in it somehow. In fact, there’s a lot of awfully big stuff in there considering the tube he flies down to get in there isn’t big enough for some of it to fit through. One other thing he has down there is the body of Hank Henshaw who, you guessed it, gets possessed by Blanque who appears to be one of a number of beings locked away down there. I want to try to like this, but I guess I still can’t get past the fact that it’s Superman, albeit a bearded one.

Only 4 books so I’m not going to do a top 3 this time either. None of the books really stand out as all that great anyway. They all tended to be from mediocre to boring this week. The Crime Syndicate part of the issue would make Justice League about the only thing of interest this week at all.

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