Weekly Comic Review for 5/30/12

It was a pretty quiet week, comic-wise. There wasn’t even anything from my normal pull list. There seemed to be a lot of trade paperbacks on the new wall too. I did pick up one book though.

Ravagers #1 – Right out of The Culling, we pick up with Caitlin Fairchild and her crew of super-human teens. We have Thunder, Lightning, Ridge, Terra, Beast Boy, Windshear, Brighteyes, and more. Windshear and Brighteyes take off on their own and don’t make it through the issue (or at least we assume Windshear didn’t though we don’t see him die). Beast Boy and Terra take off on their own too which was a surprising twist given they’ve been advertised as a couple of the main characters. Rose and Warblade show up to slaughter a bunch of the random unnamed teens while the main group tries to escape. They try to build up the characterization through the bickering and infighting. It’s a decent story. I’m not sure if I’ll be adding this book. I may pick up a couple issues and see how things go.

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