Weekly Comic Review for 12/14/11

Finally getting a chance to do the review up. I think I need to set a New Year’s resolution to get these done earlier and post more stuff. Hopefully my work schedule will stop changing so much so I can adjust and a little more standardized free time. But, for now, here I go…

Avengers Academy #23 – It looks like this book may be slipping because they are bringing X-23. On top of that, we get an appearance from a character that hasn’t been seen in ages, Hybrid. One of the big pluses in the issue is the big discussion on the topic of homosexuality. Julie Power admits to the fact that she is bisexual (attracted to the person, not the gender) and then Striker admits that he’s gay. Things are about to get interesting. “Back” in the future, we meet the daughter of Finesse and Reptil who it seems has her own shape changing abilities. There’s a lot going on so I hope they don’t keep building up the cast too fast and focus on what they’ve got going now.

Demon Knights #4 – The front cover claims this has “the secret origin of the Shining Knight”. The book is full of visions and flashbacks of Merlin and the Shining Knight who could be a young boy or a young girl. It’s hard to really tell. I’m not really sure what’s going on in this title so far. I’m sure this has a direction but there’s still a lot of new characters being introduced and a lot of explain which is slowing things down and taking it in too many directions.

Green Lantern #4 – Well, it turns out that the lantern was attempting to send Hal to Qward, not disintegrate him. The Sinestro Corps takes down Sinestro and tosses him into a room of people from his planet who hate him. Hal’s ring is dead and things are all falling apart. On top of it all, they are still pushing multiple covers of the book. Anything to try to boost sales. After all the people DC lost with the reboot, I guess they are trying anything.

Kevin Keller #4 – (Veronica #210) The “mini-series” comes to an end with the elections for class president at Riverdale. The run-offs leave Kevin running against the school jerk and homosexuality being a big topic of discussion. In the end, of course, Kevin wins and things lead into his own series.

Legion Lost #4 – Timber Wolf, Tyroc, and Wildfire chase down the alien containing some of Chameleon Girl’s DNA. (That still leaves the question of if Gates is still alive.) Meanwhile, Dawnstar and Tellus track down Alistor.

Resurrection Man #4 – It’s the Body Doubles vs. The Transhuman for the fate of Mitch Shelley. That is until Suriel shows up with designs of her own and all sorts of revelations some out. On top of all that, we finally get to see Darmen and Bonnie’s (very creepy!) boss. Things are getting more and more interesting.

Shade #3 (of 12) – Shade heads to Australia and we meet the Argonaut and Diablo Blacksmith. Shade gets the information needed to track down Caldecott and get past his security. On top of that, we find out a little more about the relationship between the two men as we lead into a “Times Past” story next issue, a title made popular in the Starman title. This is a great chance to get to really get some back story on a long standing and recently quite interesting character. I still wish I knew which world Jack Knight was on.

This month has a few really interesting stories. I would definitely recommend checking out Avengers Academy, Resurrection Man, and Shade. The 2 DC titles have some good stories going on and the other has some real potential if they don’t drop the ball. It’s good to see enough gay stories going on between Avengers Academy at Marvel and Kevin Keller in the Archie Universe.

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