Weekly Comic Review for 11/6/13

Time to get the comic review up before I go get this week’s comics and see the new Thor movie.

Amazing X-Men #1 – Nighcrawler returns to the X-Men comics. Wait. Wasn’t he dead? Yup! No one in the Marvel universe is dead for long it seems. Turns out he’s miserable in Heaven (pretty sad for someone who was a man of God) because he doesn’t get to be a swashbuckler. To make matters worse, Azazel shows up to attack with his own type of Bamfs. Meanwhile, back at the school, Firestar is showing up to start her first day as a teacher. To really make it an introduction to the X-teams, the blue Bamfs are causing more trouble than ever which leads to the X-Men discovering a portal. Northstar, Firestar, Iceman, Storm, Wolverine, and Beast get pulled into the portal. As usual, there are a number of covers for the first issue. Gotta make sure people spend lots of money buying multiple issues after all.

Earth 2 #17 – While most of the Earth 2 heroes get their asses kicked by a rogue Superman, we see the Red Tornado activated. (Wasn’t she already activated?) We do find out that the mind inside the android is Lois Lane’s. While all this is going on, the new Batman breaks in to the facility where the villains are being held as a way to maybe turn the tides.

Forever Evil #3 of 7 – We find out from Batman what really happened to the heroes finally. They actually got absorbed into Firestorm. Batman makes plans to head off after Nightwing. Meanwhile, Victor’s father and Dr. Thomas (T.O.) Morrow work on plans to save him. (Will this be a new look for Cyborg?) Back in Central City, the Rogues try to escape Power Ring (who is down to 15% power) and Deathstorm. Deathstorm ends up de-powering Captain Cold who still manages to escape. He teams up with Luthor, Bizarro, Black Manta, and Black Adam.

Green Lantern #25 – We’re 2 years in and Hal is becoming more of an ass with every issue. He’s let out a new ruling that there is to be no unauthorized ring use. Who decides what’s “authorized”? Hal? What colors are authorized by him? And he says this all in front of Carol who is legitimately pissed off at him. His first target is Nol-Anj, the former prisoner turned Star Sapphire. The only problem is that she pulls all her forces in against Hal and Kilowog. This is taking a sad path.

Longshot Saves the Marvel Universe #1 – Yes, Longshot is back. He’s also got a new hair style: short on the sides leading down to mutton chops with a longer middle secton, not long enough for a decent mohawk but not spiked up anyway. Then we see the In-betweener (who is now sorting hair for some reason) dressed in a suit killing lucky people until he finds Longshot. Part 2 of the story is Tony Stark and Reed Richards transporting a cosmic cube to a safe place. The problem is that the four of them end up in one place together and Longshot ends up with the cube not knowing what it was. This causes him to get rid of the In-Betweener which adjusts the recent history. Oops!

Quantum and Woody #5 – Eric and Woody have a talk about the living situation. (The situation includes the goat and clone 69 of the evil woman. Yeah, 69. Very Funny. :P) Eric goes to work while Woody does everything except what Eric told him to do. (This includes giving his car to a bum.) At work, Eric’s boss reveals that he knows who Eric is and he wants him to be his own personal super-hero. Eric agrees for some reason. The issues doesn’t go much of anywhere decent.

Shadowman #12 – This issue is actually split up into three stories. The first involved Jack and the monkey in the Deadside having a psychiatric session. The second is some really stupid story about a drug dealer that Jack barely appears in by the end. The third story is about Jack and Alyssa. They are tracking down the source of some bad magic and check out Dox’s former protege, Hosho McCreery. The third story is the only good one and probably could have been expanded into a whole issue story. I hope they keep touching on Hosho and the others in Dox’s black book of former allies of the Shadowman.

Trinity of Sin: Phantom Stranger #13 – We pick up with the Stranger and Sin Eater and get to meet the evil counterpart of the Phantom Stranger’s dog guide. He’s a lot meaner looking. Then Azrael shows up (I hope we see more of him!) and reminds him of what Dr. Light gave him. The Phantom Stranger takes it to Arthur’s family to put them at peace. Then he confronts the Question who doesn’t even remember what he did so he blames the Stranger for it all. Arthur’s give ends up giving the Stranger some peace too but then he and Question end up with Pandora at the House of Mystery following the events of the last Justice League Dark.

And for the top books this week, I’d include Forever Evil and Trinity of Sin: Phantom Stranger. For the third, despite the “back from the dead” storyline, I think Amazing X-Men is better than a lot of the other books this week.

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