Weekly Comic Review 3/23/11

I had planned to get this out last night but things didn’t go as planned. But here it is. I got the book I needed to finish the review so here it is. Be careful of the spoilers.

Batman Incorporated #4 – Although this is part 2 of the storyline with El Gaucho, most of the story revolved around the original Batwoman. It also involved the current Batwoman. Half the book is flashbacks, filling in some history on the original Batwoman including when she first met Batman. Overall, there’s not as much progress of the storyline as left off last issue. If you remember the original Batwoman (I have the Detective Comics issue where she was killed.), the flashbacks are interesting though.

FF #1 – It’s a first issue, so it’s something to pick up. The Fantastic Three are joined by Spider-Man to round off the group. (Spider-Man is now solo and in the Avengers and the FF. He’s becoming the new Wolverine!) The Wizard escapes incarceration and we learn a little more about Reed Richard’s father’s appearance. Overall, it’s a set-up for the new format.

Green Hornet #14 – Mulan is rushed to the hospital leading to the Green Hornet’s “capture” by his cohort in the police department. Britt takes down the priest behind the church of death and find’s the truth behind the killer skeleton. (It’s out of nowhere so don’t wrack your brain on it.) It’s fun seeing the connection between Britt and Lieutenant grow.

Green Lantern #64 – War of the Green Lanterns part 1 – The war starts. Lyssa Drak and the Book of the Black attempt to abduct the New Guardians. Krona attacks the little blue Guardians. And most importantly, Parallax is returned to the central power battery corrupting the Green Lantern Corps and returning the impurity to the rings.

Green Lantern Corps #58 – War of the Green Lanterns part 2 – It’s Kyle vs. John as Parallax exerts his influence. Ganthet makes a sacrifice for the team as the corrupted GLs come after them.

Justice League of America #55 – “Reign of Doomsday” Batman, Supergirl, and Starman (along with a couple Lanterns) fight Doomsday while Eclipso and crew attack Alan Scott’s emerald palace. The whole Doomsday thing seems to come out of nowhere and the appearance of the Lanterns doesn’t make sense with all the other stuff going on. I’d rather have seen more about the Eclipso storyline instead of dumping this in when things were just starting.

Justice League: Generation Lost #22 – The JLI discuss plans and Blue Beetle’s revival. Power Girl and Batman (Bruce, not Dick) show up as they go after Wonder Woman. I’m not reading her title but in this issue, she seems to have no idea of any history and didn’t know who Batman was. Oh, yeah, and then there’s the OMACs.

Legion of Super-Heroes #11 – The Legion starts to track down the villains who were freed in the Legion of Super-Villains one-shot. Dream Girl returns to the future with an unconscious Starman. (Ummm… what happened since he was left off in the Justice Society comic? He was in the middle of some storyline then. I hate when they do stuff like this! And then there’s a peek at the hunky Timber Wolf’s hairy chest. (There needs to be more furry chested heroes in comics.)

X-Men Legacy #246 & New Mutants #23 – Age of X parts 3 and 4 – Legacy/Rogue tries to escape as the New Mutants team from the original reality chase her down. Magneto is revealed to be behind some of the rebellion as we find out that there’s nothing beyond the force shield wall. Xavier seems to know something about what happened and we fnd out reality is hidden in a box (Huh?) as a new group takes control of the fortress. Who is really in control though? It should be interesting to see if they actually pull out a decent explanation for this though.

OK, I can’t help myself. I need to rant. What is up with the Kathy Kane/Kate Kane as the names for Batwoman? I’m really getting annoyed with DC’s inability to think of new names. The new Dr Fate is named Kent Nelson[ just as the first was and is also involved with a woman named Inza. Why do new heroes following in the footsteps of older ones who died have to “coincidentally” have the same name. Come on, DC! You can do better than that.

Time for this week’s Top 3. This week, I’m going to have to go with FF, Green Lantern and New Mutants. Most of my normal favorites just didn’t pan out as well this week or had things that really annoyed me about them.

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