Weekly Comic Review for 1/15/14

Hi, everyone. No, I have not deserted the site. Packing, moving, unpacking, adjusting to the new roommate, and (finally) adjusting to a new job that has me in at (the ungodly hour of) 6am has had me busy and all off kilter. I’ve got a lot of comics backlogged and a movie visit I need to write about as well. So, here I am to get the first thing done.

All-New X-Men #21 – Well, it seems that Stryker’s son may or may not be a mutant. Stryker simply calls him “ill” when he gets A.I.M. involved. (Tho, to him, being a mutant may be considered ill.) It more or less comes down to the team gets captured, the team escapes, the issue ends. Pretty pat story with nothing too exciting. I guess we’ll see if the upcoming “Trial of Jean Grey” is any better. Ever since it was learned that the team can’t go back, the only thing interesting has been the new costumes.

Amazing X-Men #3 – The Quest for Nightcrawler part 3 of 5 – Now we get to see the Beast in battle against Azazel and his little red imps. On another boat, Storm is the first to run into Nightcrawler and we see some history where the 2 had romance early on and he convinced her to stay with the early days. Gotta love retcons. So far, we’ve had a lot of battling demons but I guess they are really stretching out the story of finding and rescuing (Do you really rescue someone from Heaven?) Nightcrawler. Sometimes it just seems like writers lately are trying to make stories last issues longer than they really should.

Archer & Armstrong #17 – Sect Civil War – The sects all fight each other as well as Archer and Armstrong until the place gets flooded. The pair end up saving everyone and Archer actually pulls them all together. Now he just needs to deal with the guy who tried to get him on his side earlier because he really isn’t happy. This is another one that’s been stretching on but there’s at least some interesting progression this issue.

Disney Kingdom’s Seekers of the Weird #1 – Two kids (the smart brother and athletic sister) have their parents abducted by magical creatures only to have their uncle appear just a little too late. Now it’s time for the three of them to get mystical stuff to try to save the parents. It’s a cool story. Fairly simple but being a Disney book, it’s probably targeted more for the kids. It was still fun though.

Forever Evil: Rogues Rebellion #4 of 6 – The Rogues are still in trouble in Gotham. As if Mr. Freeze and Clayface weren’t bad enough, they then get between the pair and Black Mask’s mob. Meanwhile, Trickster deals with his own issues on his own and ends up coming to the team’s rescue though Heatwave ends up having to stay behind to help the team. That help only goes so long when the new Royal Flush Gang shows up. These guys really can’t catch a break. Unlike the other stories, this story is moving pretty fast, which hasn’t been good for the Rogues.

Fox #3 – The insane story of the Fox continues as he goes through the world fighting a giant spider as well as a lava monster who turns out to be Inferno. We also get to meet the Marvel right before he tries to kill our hero. It should be interesting to see what happens next. We also get more backup story featuring the Shield.

Green Lantern Corps #27 – The corps deal with the attacks on the GL bases while the Durlans make their presence known to the bad guys. Looks like they are really trying to take control. Not sure how much longer this is going to go on before the GLs learn about the Durlans. Everything is turning into a big cluster fuck.

Harbinger #20 – A new psiot appears who appears to have tech based powers. He stays out in the open to get the attention of the Renegades and heads off with them. Harada, of course, catches wind of this and learns where Peter and his team are which means a new confrontation is coming up soon. I’m honestly not sure where this is all going. A lot of the Valiant stuff seems to be trying to find their feet lately after a good strong start. Hope they pick up soon.

Justice League of America #11 – It’s just more of J’Onn and Stargirl as Despero makes his appearance. I’d like to see this get moving since they know what’s up with Firestorm. Revolving this title around just the two of them is getting boring.

Justice League 3000 #2 – A bunch of super-idiots vs someone who can warp reality. Can everyone see what’s going to happen here? Of course you can. Short version: The big egos get their asses kicked. *yawn* This title can’t last long at this rate.

Miracle Man #1 – OK. I’ve never read a Miracle Man comic before. I don’t know his back story. I don’t know anything about him except what he looks like. But reading this book was like reading an old school Shazam/Captain Marvel comic with new outfits and names. I wasn’t impressed.

Unity #3 – Livewire gets control of the armor but, to the chagrin of Gillad and Ninjak, turns it over to Harada for safe keeping. In the end, the three seem to have other plans for it than what Harada wants. With Livewire’s powers expanding, who knows what they’ll be able to do.

Well, for all the books, not an overall great week here. The best was all in one block in the middle: Disney Kingdom’s Seekers of the Weird, Forever Evil: Rogues Rebellion, and the Fox. None are anything spectacular, but they’re still better than the other choices this week.

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