Weekly Comic Review for 10/26/11

Guess who’s a dummy? Yp. Me. I went to do my review of the last week of books and realized that with my change in schedule and such, I forgot to do the week before. So, here we go with another day of double reviews.

Avengers Academy #20 – Another (yet finally last) tie in to “Fear Itself”. Fear Itself comes to an end as Veil leaves the academy. It wouldn’t so bad if she was just leaving but she’s actually heading off to join up with Jeremy Briggs (from issue #14.1). I knew she was naive, but please. This is just a set-up for bad for no goo reason. Not only is Veil leaving but so are Speedball and Justice. To top it off, the academy needs a new base. With it not being in use for a long time, Hank and Tigra take the students off to the old West Cost Avengers base. As pointed out, it’s a little big for the small group so they open the school up to other young heroes. The characters shown on the last page are Lightspeed (from Power Pack), White Tiger, Thunderstrike, Butterball (from The Initiative), the kid from Sentinel (and the sentinel), some bat kid, and some other green skinned creature I don’t recognize. Lightspeed was in the mini-series The Losers about former heroes who wanted to break away from it so I’m a little confused to see her here. I am happy to see Thunderstrike though. After his mini-series, I saw some real potential for him though I still like the M2 costume better. It was simpler. I hope they do something good with Butterball (like give him a better name and name a more respectable character. I’m sort of annoyed by the White Tiger character because I liked the old character (a male relative of hers) as well as the Sons of the Tiger who had the tiger totems before that. Hopefully this new group will mix well with the old team.

Fury of Firestorm #2 – We get to see more of how Ronnie and Jason view things when combined in Fury. Unlike the old Firestorm where one was the body and in control and the other was just in the mind, this time, there are 2 solo Firestorms and neither seem to be in control (yet) of Fury. They are able to force a break of Fury though. And it seems they need to say Firestorm to become Firestorm. Someone’s been readying Hawk and Dove too much and doesn’t have any originality. Jason and Ronnie (and their friend Tonya) have some people hunting them down too to get the power. I want to ope that this book might be decent but I don’t think it will last long on my list.

Green Lantern: New Guardians #2 – Red, Yellow, Violet, and Indigo Lanterns are all after Kyle to get the rings back. Kyle still has no idea why they even came to him. With only one orange lantern (Larfleze), that only leaves blue left to show up and that lantern is Brother Walker. Luckily for Kyle, he believes Kyle and they take off for Oa to find out what’s going on. The Guardians demand him to turn over the rings but when he tells them to take them, they fly onto Kyle’s hands. This gives him a cool looking white costume with all the other symbols on them as well. So far, this book is incredibly interesting. I want to find out what’s up with the rings, I love the new look for Kyle with all the rings, and it’s fun seeing all the mix of characters still from the whole emotional spectrum. I hope this keeps up this well.

Justice League Dark #2 – Zatanna investigates Enchantress while Madame Xanadu goes on about how magic based heroes are a danger to themselves. *sigh* A big chunk of the issue is about Deadman taking over people’s bodies to try to get Dawn (a.k.a. Dove) to sleep with him. The “Dark” in this title seems to be about taking good characters into a dark place for no good reason. The character Deadman we’re seeing here is looking like it’s going to comflict with what we’re seeing in other books. This is another book that I had hope about that doesn’t look like it’s going to pay off.

Legion Secret Origin #1 of 6 – This book goes back and redoes the origin of the Legion of Super-Heroes and adds in details to the old one. So far, it doesn’t seem that much is really being changed drastically. It’s more about showing other things that are going on around it and maybe adjusting a few things. We see Garth, Imra, and Rokk get together as the original three and Triplicate Girl gets inducted. Phantom Girl and Brainiac 5 are “introduced”. Some of the costumes are different (like Lightning Lad wearing his later costume instead of the first one).

Savage Hawkman #2 – Carter continues his battle against Morphicius and exploring what’s going on with his Nth metal. Morphicius takes off and ends up getting captured. I’m not sure what’s actually going on yet here. I’ve been a Hawkman fan so I’m hoping things will pick up.

Secret Avengers #18 – Steve Rogers, Sharon Carter, and Shang-Chi enter an Escher-esque realm and fight a defective version of Arnim Zola to get a world destroying mineral. I just officially dropped this one from my pull list as both the art and the stories have really sucked.

Teen Titans #2 – Well, we finally find out that Kid Flash is Bart as he talks to someone while in captivity. (Now, is he still from the future? And where’s Wally?) Superboy studies Red Robin and Wonder Girl and Red Robin investigates a mysterious creature who ends up being a female bug creature named Skitter who is supposed to be a Titan in the future. In the end, Bart escapes and we get introduced to the new Solstice who is a lot different than the one we left at the end of the last series. Oh, yeah, and they announce the coming of Bunker too.

Ultimate Comics Ultimates #3 – With the destruction of Asgard, Thor needs a new power source which Tony Stark provides. Even the power of the Ultimates and S.H.I.E.L.D. are enough to take on the Children of Tomorrow. Thor uses his hammer to evacuate those still surviving but then heads back on his own to fight. He’s got this whole “I’ll fight til I’m dead” thing going on since Asgard is gone. Too cliche for me and bad guys this powerful are a little too much especally since they will have to win at some point anyway.

Wolverine and the X-Men #1 – Yes, Wolverine is running his own branch of the X-Men and re-opening the school (The Jean Grey School for Higher Learning). Two people from the Department of Education show up to evaluate the school knowing it’s for mutants and knowing the history of the X-Men. The whole book is a big, long joke. Bamfs appear. Deathbird shows up with Kid Gladiator, the overly arrogant son of Gladiator from the Imperial Guard. Another new student is introduced in the form of a small humanoid Brood who is supposedly a mutant of his species (as Warlock was). I’m all for a little humor but this was a bit too much. It’s more along the line of the X-Babies titles.

On the back of hte Marvel books is an add for Avenging Spider-Man #1. Just what we need is another Spider-Man title. Not like I’m worried because I don’t follow him anyway. With what I am following though, I’ll pick Avengers Academy, Green Lantern: New Guardians, and Legion Secret Origin for my top 3.

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