Weekly Comic Review for 10/28/15

We’ve got a short stack of books this week.

Flash #45 – Wally comes up with a plan to break through the dome. Flash gets everyone through but the police station blows up and the captain goes on a rampage over the Flash. (Definitely not his biggest fan.) We get to see a kiss between David and Hartley as they’ve seemed to have made up. Back with Thawne, Barry’s father has made a glove that will allow Zoom to draw out people’s power. The first thing he does is turn on Magali and drain her life energy, making himself more powerful. This isn’t going to lead into any team loyalty for him.

Justice League: The Darkseid War – Batman #1 – Batman is using the chair to try to rid Gotham of crime even more efficiently than usual. First, he stops a crime before it happens. Then he takes a man who abuses his spouse to Themyscira to let the Amazons deal with him. Finally, he goes back in time to see Joe Chill kill his parents and then returns to the present to torture him in jail. For some reason, he reveals that he is Brice Wayne. Not the smartest thing to do unless the chair told him that Chill would never divulge that fact to all the other criminals. As the issue ends, Bruce’s body is having trouble withstanding the rigors of controlling the chair but still has one final target in mind — the Joker. I’m not sure if the Mobius Chair is influencing Batman to be even more vigilant or if it’s just his personality.

New Avengers #2 – We’re back with the Avengers’ misfit team and the crystal headed creatures. On top of that, the Maker is creating all sort of other weird creatures. On top of everything else, White Tiger and Squirrel Girl get transformed too. The team ends up figuring out the crystals are spacial place holders for the people’s heads and get them back. While all this is going on, Reed summons a demon which I don’t think actually goes back afterward. As much as I love Wiccan, Hulkling, and Songbird, I’m really not sure if their presence is worth the inane stories this leads me to believe will be in here, a lack of other characters that even make me wants to look at the book, and an art style that makes me want to look at it even less. I guess I’ll be taking a glance at issue 3 before I actually consider buying it.

There’s only 3 books, so not top 3. While Flash wasn’t bad, all the time on the dome story was a little boring so the top spot this week goes to Justice League: The Darkseid War – Batman Justice League: The Darkseid War – Batman because of the really interesting twist that was put on Batman for this one-shot.

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