Weekly Comic Review for 10/2/13

Well, the villain month is finally over and we’re back to our regularly scheduled reading. Before I headed off to bed, I wanted to get my write-ups done.

All-New X-Men #17 – Battle of the Atom part 6 – We start off in the future but not quite to the future we saw yet. It turns out that Dazzler was voted the first mutant president but, sadly, she doesn’t get to keep that title (or her life) much longer. This is what causes the disaster we saw and well as the split in the X-Men. I did a pretty good job on my guess of who was who in the future. Colossus calls Jubilee “Wolverine” now which is interesting. Quentin is the new Phoenix. That still leaves us to question who the new Cloak/Sorcerer Supreme and the Iron Sentinel guy are. (After doing a little skimming online, I did find a good guess that the Cloak kid may be Doc Magus, Dr. Strange’s son from the M2 universe.) After a bunch of revelations, the other future team ends up in the present too. This storyline is getting a bit crowded.

Earth 2 #16 – The wonders of Earth 2 (who are still confused as to why they were allowed to live) take the battle to Steppenwolf and his team. They get their asses kicked of course. While Steppenwolf is declaring his victory, Brutaal comes in and kills him. Turns out that he is none other than Superman thought probably a slightly crazy one. Really didn’t see that one coming.

Forever Evil #2 of 7 – OK. This is getting really messed up. Lex Luthor gets his armor as well as Bizarro to help take on the Crime Syndicate. The Teen Titans take on the bad guys but end up getting tossed into the time stream when Johnny Quick messes up Kid Flash’s vibrational field. (They really thought they could defeat them when the combined Justice Leagues couldn’t?) And Batman and Catwoman show up with the dismattled Victor Stone at S.T.A.R. Labs saying the others didn’t make it. (If Catwoman and Batman survived, what could have taken the others down?) We also get a little hint on what may be messing up Power Ring.

Green Lantern #24 – Lights Out part 1 – With the blue battery gone and the entities dying, Relic heads to Oa to take down the next biggest threat, the Green Lanterns. Once he’s able to take out the central power battery, the Lanterns are powerless though. Not only that but the planet may be in trouble. Two cores down and five to go. (Maybe we can take out the last of the emotional energy here too and reboot back to the old DC Universe. Well, I can hope can’t I?) Relic is just a little too powerful right now but there has to be some solution in mind.

Quantum and Woody #4 – Even though it’s months later, they did an 8 bit variant cover for the title. On the cover, there’s a wizard saying “It’s dangerous to go alone! Take this!” and in front of him is the goat. Not only does the infamous goat appear on the cover, he even appears in the comic. With the help of his brother, Woody escapes the clutches of the E.R.A. and the evil queen and her clones. (There’s even the cyborg there named Beta-Max. *groan*) The brothers escape with a couple of the clones and the goat. We learn that their father may have actually killed himself and the brothers actually get closer with each other.

Shadowman #11 – It’s a fun Halloween special. With everything else in his life going wrong, Jack runs across a couple djabs (mischievous spirits) and had to team up with Doctor Nemesis to stop them. It’s a simple story but a fun one.

Trinity of Sin: Phantom Stranger #12 – Forever Evil tie-in – The title has changed it’s name to match with Pandora. I wonder if the Question will be getting one as well. I’m really not sure how the title really ties in much with the mini-series. It’s mostly about the Stranger, Terrance 13, and his ex-babysitter Chris. It turns out that Chris has some powers and actually saves Terrance’s life. Also, there’s good and bad news. The good is that the Phantom Stranger lost a couple more coins from his sacrifice. The bad is that the Soul Eater is back.

This week is really quite…. different. There’s some decent books this week. Nothing that is exceptionally bad wither. There needs to be a top 3 though and those spots go to All-New X-Men, Shadowman, and Trinity of Sin: Phantom Stranger.

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