Shirtlifter #4

NOTE: This review is about an adult comic book. It contains nudity and isn’t for minors.

Shirtlifter #4 is a comic by the quite handsome gay comic creator Steve MacIsaac. (You can check out his site at The recently released 80 page comic contains book 2 of the “Unpacking” storyline. The story began in issue 3 and revolves around gay muscle bear Matt and Connor, the married man he’s been sort of seeing. They started out with a no strings attached hook-up but things grow into something more complicated. This issue addresses their connection as Connor explores his homophobia and his views on gay relationships and marriage. Matt brings Connor to meet his friends, gay couple Chris and Kris. Seeing more of the gay scene and gay people comfortable in their skins leads to a lot of questions for Connor as well as discoveries about himself. Steve’s artistry is great and his writing does a great job of exploring the characters he presents.

Between the 2 chapters of “Unpacking” are stories by Ilya and Justin Hall. Ilya’s “Dick” story is a collection of one page strips that connect into a single story. Justin Hall’s story is the second part of the story “The Liar” continued from the third issue. Both stories are good and provide an enjoyable break between the chapters of “Unpacking”.

I would definitely recommend picking up this book (now available through Steve’s store) as well as the earlier issues if you haven’t seen them already. I met Steve at San Diego ComiCon a few years back. He’s a great guy and a great comic creator. Please help support him.

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