Weekly Comic Review for 6/8/11

OK. I’m finally catching up on my reviews. (The sick kitties I’ve been taking care of are starting to do better thankfully.) So, here we go on to this week’s books which include the second week of Flashpoint first issues.

Birds of Prey #13 – It’s Black Canary and Dove vs. Junior, the Psychotic sister of Ragdoll. Meanwhile, Hawk takes on the two sisters that were recruited last issue as Huntress and Question come to try to save them all. It’s an interesting issue of action as the Birds of Prey fight their way to freedom.

Booster Gold #45 – Something odd has happened to reality and Booster Gold knows it. His first problem is that Rip Hunter is nowhere to be found. His second, and more urgent, problem comes in the form of Doomsday. The difference is that this Doomsday is under the mental control of Nathaniel Adam whom Booster knows as Captain Atom though he doesn’t have the powers in this world. A new meta (Alexandra Gianopoulos) makes things worse though by destroying the control for Doomsday turning him back into his old, savage self.

Charmed #10 – Piper talks to Cole in the other dimension while Paige takes Leo up to find out what the first witch is up to. This leaves Phoebe at home alone wonder how both of them are. With the power of 3 so divided, what hopes do they have?

Flashpoint: Citizen Cold #1 – Is he hero or villain? The world sees Citizen Cold as a hero but they don’t know who he is behind the mask. And what is going on with this world’s Rogues?

Flashpoint: Deathstroke and the Curse of the Ravager #1 – Deathstroke is a pirate on the sea and his enemy is the Warlord. (Sadly, the Warlord doesn’t look much like Travis Morgan.) He’s hunting the seas looking for his daughter Rose. Sadly for him, the seas are Aquaman’s domain and he shows up just in time to prove that to Slade.

Flashpoint: Emperor Aquaman #1 – This issue starts to fill in a little of the back story on some of the information what brought the Flashpoint world to where it is and how Aquaman flooded out Europe. Aquaman is an even harder man in this world and no one is safe from him, even those who consider him an ally. The cause of much of his strife – the loss of his live, Mera.

Flashpoint: Frankenstein and the Creatures of the Unknown #1 – It’s World War II and a group of Allies are are pinned down. Out of nowhere comes Frankenstein’s Monster. Inspired by this, a whole team of creatures are created to fight the Axis powers. Upon the end of the war, the team is no longer needed and tossed into suspended animation until they wake in 2011. Sadly, their states are not as stable as they were and they don’t know this new world. So, where does that leave them? Possibly in the hands of an ancestor of an old ally who may not be an ally herself.

Ghost Rider #.1 – Yes, it’s another .1 issue leading into the new series. Johnny Blaze spends the first half of the issue whining about his curse. The second half is about his decision to take an offer from a stranger on how to get rid of the curse. Does he take it? Of course he does. But where does that leave the Ghost Rider now?

Kevin Keller #1 – (a.k.a. Veronica #207) Issue #1 of a 4 issue “mini-series” about the gay character now popular in the Archie world. I’m not sure about the other 3 issues, but I’ll assume they are going to just be issues from the other series. I don’t know why they didn’t just make it a title unto itself. It’s good to see a gay character in an Archie title.

Titans #36 – It’s more of Vixen vs. the Tattooed Man. They mention him being in the JLA but I’m not sure when. There’s also Deathstroke vs. Drago to get the team out of there. There’s also mention of that Jericho is in trouble but I have no clue what’s wrong. Before we can find out though, the Titans run into the JLA who are looking for the team to take them down for killing Ryan Choi, the Atom after Ray Palmer.

It’s quite an interesting mix of stories this week. There were a few good choices for my top 3 but I’ve narrowed it down to Birds of Prey, Booster Gold, and Kevin Keller. Let’s hope we see more positive gay stories in the Archie comics to promote tolerance to those who read that sttyle of comics too. As for books like Birds of Prey, it seems like all the character build up will be for naught with the reboot coming up in a few months. Given that Oracle will be changing bat to Batgirl, a lot will change for that book especially.

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