The Search for the Queen of Queens

RuPaul returned to TV this week. This time there wasn’t the threat of one returning contestant. This time it was the promise of 12 returning contestants. With 12 drag queens who hadn’t made it to the number 1 spot in the first four seasons (most from the top 4) gathered in the dressing room, RuPaul announced a surprise twist. Unlike previous years when they would all compete against each other with 1 queen leaving each week, for the All-Star show, they would be working in pairs and both queens would leave if they lost. The queens used paddles with pictures to show who they wanted to be paired with and if they matched, they were a team. (The bags of paddles were delivered by the ever sexy and half naked Pit Crew, including hottie Shawn Morales.) Half the queens actually paired up on the first try with the following teams:

Yara Sofia/Alexis Matteo
Chad Michaels/Shannel

In the next round, 2 more pairs matched:

Latrice Royale/Manila Luzon
Tammy Brown/Nina Flowers

This left Pandora Boxx to be paired with *gag* Mimi Imfurst. This caused enough drama as Pandora made no attempt to hide her dissatisfaction at being paired with Mimi. She was a cranky queen throughout the episode. I can’t blame her for not wanting to be with Mimi but she should have tried to make the best of it given she needed Mimi to stick it out. The contest was a double photo shoot which left Pandora/Mimi and Chad/Shannel as the bottom 2 pairs. Mimi and Chad did the lip syncing and obviously Chad won sending Pandora and Mimi home. Not sure why Pandora didn’t do it instead. This could be a real quick season unless RuPaul unpairs them part way through. I can’t say I’m too fond of the pairing for the contest.

As usual, there is still the Untucked show and the 2 rooms were totally redone. The “big pink box” is a fuzzy big pink box this time around and who should show up to deliver it but Willam. I could have done without seeing Willam — on top of Mimi and Tammy, who was just annoying all episode. The rest of the queens deserved to be there. I could have thought of others to fill Mimi and Tammy’s spots. I guess we’ll have to see how things go from there.

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