Weekly Comic Review 4/13/11

Another week of book as the storylines stretch from the past into the future. Let’s see what this week brought us.

Adventure Comics #525 – It’s almost sad how broken up this issue is. On top of having a block of the book taken up by the preview of a comic based around the video game Batman: Arkham City (as if the one for DC Universe Online wasn’t bad enough), the book is split into 2 stories. The first story bounces between the new academy kids’ battle in Chemical Kid’s home and the graduation test of Lamprey and Power Boy. The battle takes a flip out of nowhere (which the second story is put in to explain) and is over in nothing flat. The test goes ok but not great and it’s pretty obvious that Lamrey and Power Boy didn’t have a chance at the Legion. Fairly disappointing for as long as their storyline has been drug out. As for the second story revolved around Mysa and her fight with Mordru while trying to help Glorith. It looks like this is going to be split a lot since the next issue will have an XS back-up story.

Birds of Prey #11 – This issue spotlights Huntress and costars Catman from the Secret Six, one of my current favorite characters. The attraction between two characters who tend to sit a little closer to the middle than the extremes of the good guys and bad guys has been interesting. This issue, they work things out. Let’s just say we shouldn’t expect a lot of cross-overs between the two titles. It’s a great story though.

Flash #10 – The road to Flashpoint continues and we find out where Hot Pursuit comes from. It looks like the Multiverse is popping up again so it should be interesting to see where all this is going. I also got a reminder of why I don’t like Barry. He’s an arrogant ass, especially the way he treats Bart. Wally was better Flash. I want to see what the big thing about this Flashpoint is going to be or I might be dropping this book.

Justice League: Generation Lost #23 – THE JLI, along with Batman and Wonder Woman, battle the OMACs and end up getting split into 2 groups. After that, the big surprise for the team pops up — OMAC Prime. An OMAC crossed with an Amazo. With a couple of the big hitters in the other group, the heroes may be in trouble.

Secret Warriors #26 – Even more flashbacks as Nick Fury and Strucker reveal they were each watching each other’s groups for a while. Plus, we find out who is behind the mask of the Gorgon. Where is this all leading? Do we care any more? There’s only 2 issues left to the series or I’d be dropping this. Might as well finish up the series.

Titans #34 – The history of Deathstroke and Drago is explored as Osiris fights to get Isis back. More trouble between the Titans are revealed as Isis finally gets her sanity back and Cheshire is propositioned! I have to say I miss the actual Titans over this motley group.

X-Men Legends #247 – We finally find out the fault behind this new alternate reality is… Legion. (Or at least a part of his psyche.) Big shocker, eh? I think we’re going to be looking for Legion from now on anything really odd happens. He messes with reality more than the Scarlet Witch. This part of his personality issue has been hidden as Moira all this time. Plus, they confirm again there’s nothing past the force wall. So, the “Age of X Universe” title definitely makes no sense.

I know I like to do my Top 3, but this week I can only recommend Birds of Prey. If I had to pick 2 more, I guess it would be Adventure Comics and Justice League: Generation Lost. This is definitely a low week for books. Let’s hope next week is better. Time to start looking into this Flashpoint too to see if there’s anything worthwhile to it.

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