Phoenix Comic Con Almost Here

It’s only one more week until Phoenix Comic Con. When I first went to the Con 2 years ago, it was a bit of a disappointment. At the time, the only thing I really had to compare it to was San Diego Comic Con. This is actually an unfair comparison to any con. Last year, I was impressed by the growth last year. This year, it’s grown even more. Last year, they had Leonard Nimoy. This year, they have William Shatner as well as a number of the top stars from Star Trek: The Next Generation including Wil Wheaton who is a regular here at Phoenix Comic Con. There will also be the normal mix of comic creators (including George Perez and Garth Ennis) and TV stars (like Gil Gerard, Erin Gray, and Lou Ferrigno). As with most cons, there are enough other extra stuff going on like gaming rooms and costuming events. Geek Prom will make another return and a new event will be included — Geek Speed Dating. (Yes, that one scares even me.) It looks like it will be a fun event.

One thing I’ve been trying to get some details on is any sign of gay themed panels or displays. When I went to San Diego Comic Con, Prism Comics had a booth there and there were panels on gay creators as well as gays in comics and a gay fan get-together. I’ve written to Phoenix Comic Con twice so far and haven’t heard anything back about this. Whether this is a sign of being busy, not caring about questions from attendees, or a sign of homophobia is unclear right now. I definitely plan on looking into this when I get to the con if I haven’t heard anything before then.

[UPDATE: I finally heard back from the people at Phoenix Comic Con and there is currently no gay themed panels at the con. I was invited to have a spot but to try to pull something together in less than a week while working the weekend and to not have it listed in the guide, I don’t think that it would turn out well or get any draw. Maybe next year I can try to pull some people together and spur on a panel or two next year. It would be a great opportunity. So, come on out to the con and show support so that we may have the ability to have something better next year.]

Whether or not they address the gay fan base, the con should be fun. I’ll be trying to report on the event as it goes.

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