More of the New 52 Hit the Chopping Block

It was only a couple month ago when the first 6 series of DC’s New 52 got cancelled. Already, DC is cancelling another 4 titles to bring the total to 10 of them. We’re not even a year into the new universe and almost 20% of the series have been cancelled. The first book to be cancelled was Justice League International. This was then followed by Captain Atom, Voodoo, and Resurrection Man, all of whom will be cancelled with their issues that are part of a 0 issue month.

If 4 are being cancelled, then 4 more need to be created to keep up with the 52 theme. To start things off, we get another title in the Batman family, Talon. This will be a spin off of the recent Night of the Owls storyline. Another spin-off from recent cameos is Phantom Stranger. Rounding off the new releases are Team Seven (a concept from Wildstorm which will have a mix of Wildstorm and DC Universe characters) and Sword and Sorcery (featuring Amethyst and Beowulf). We’ll see how these new titles go. The only title that holds any interest for me is Phantom Stranger. We’ve already seen his original during Free Comic Day so it should be interesting to see where things go from there.

It seems a number of titles haven’t had great numbers so you have to wonder how many others will be gone before the universe reaches the end of its second year and if these 4 titles will make it,

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