Is The Third Time The Charm with MIB3?

I enjoyed the first couple movies (the first more than the second). I was surprised when after 10 years, they came out with another sequel so I decided to go catch Men in Black 3 last week. The ads showed that J (Will Smith) would be going back in time to save K (Tommy Lee Jones) and meeting his partner’s younger self (Josh Brolin). This sounded like an interesting concept. I was surprised how much Josh actually resembled Tommy Lee. The humor and the way J related to older K vs. younger K is a lot of fun. The story was pretty good but I can definitely see this being the last movie of the series. Tommy Lee Jones is definitely showing his age.

* * * SPOILERS * * *

OK. I don’t have too many actual spoilers but a couple of them are big ones. As usual, one of the fun things is the revelation of who is an alien. In this one, we find out that Mick Jagger is one. This is when J was back in time and young K knows him as an artist who is just starting out. We also get to meet Andy Warhol who isn’t an alien; he’s an undercover agent who hates all that he has to do in his role. We also get to see other agents younger like O (a female) who was introduced to take the place of Zed.

The interesting thing is how history starts piecing together. You can tell something odd is going on from the start but it gets lost in the main part of the movie. An alien who is really quite freaky has gone back in time to Kill K. And after the previous movies, to say he’s freaky says a lot. It isn’t until the end when you find out what the missing piece is — that K knew J when he was a little kid bu for whatever reason, he didn’t remember it in the future. This brings the whole thing full circle now which is one reason I think this will be the end of the series.

For the most part, the movie is a lot of comedy and action sequences which propel the “assassinate K” storyline. It’s fun but not a whole lot of major points to it. It’s your standard comedy. It was fun though and worth seeing if you enjoyed the earlier movies and just want some laughs.

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