CW Takes Things Another Step Further

First we had Arrow. From there, they spawned the Flash. We’ve seen Black Canary, Arsenal, Firestorm, and the Atom introduced as well as a number of bad guys from across the DC universe. Mid-season next year, CW is taking thing a little further. No, it’s not the Justice League (We can still hope it will be eventually.) but it is a team. Check out DC’s Legends of Tomorrow.

This could get interesting. Atom has fixed the shrinking ability. Sarah is back as the White Canary. (That’s the best they could do for a name?) And Hawkgirl is introduced. Well, technically she was introduced in the season finale of the Flash (which I’ll discuss in another post) but given the 1 1/2 seconds (estimated) that she was on the screen, if you didn’t already know who she was, you wouldn’t have picked her out from any of the other random people shown. Did anyone notice that you see Martin Stein but not Ronnie in the group and also that you see Firestorm but not a clear face shot? I wonder what that’s all about. And then there’s Rip Hunter. This is not a character most people would know of but it’s cool to see him. Not sure about the British accent, but Arthur Darvill was looking damn good there. With Heatwave and Captain Cold included, this should be a very interesting show, especially with Vandal Savage as the real bad guy. I’m looking forward to this. I just don’t want to have to wait til 2016.

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