Weekly Comic Review for 6/19/13

I’ve realized I need to work on just reading through my comics and not savoring them through the week as I always have.

Bloodshot #12 – Harbinger Wars – I was able to get the 8 bit variant of this title as well. We see some of Bloodshot’s background with Kuretich. It makes you wonder what turned him from saving Bloodshot to trying to destroy him. When Bloodshot stops at a slaughterhouse, we saw Bloodshot get healed up in the Harbinger Wars series. Now we get a little more insight into how her gets healed up as Kuretich ambushes him with a bunch of soldiers. There are a few questions regarding that as he comes out with steaks. Did he restrict everything to the cows in there or are we not going to see some of the soldiers ever again. Now the team is on to Vegas and things are going to get messy.

Green Hornet #38 – Green Hornet is back on the case when some hookers got killed. When the Hornet goes to investigate it, he runs across Nikki Stripez who has been investigating because of her history in the same profession. She must have been pretty good because she seduces Britt into a night of fun right there on the roof. Afterwards, the two of them take off after the real bad guy whom Nikki kills. The Green Hornet disagrees with this but there’s not much he can do. It looks like Nikki will be back thought. In next issue, we have a new Robin Hood-like villain instead and maybe more on Dr. Scary as more bodies are disappearing.

Green Lantern: New Guardians #21 – Despite his misgivings, at Hal’s request, Kyle takes the remaining Guardians out into the universe to learn about it after all their time in seclusion. He returns to Earth to pack up his life there and talk to Carol. Then he is off to play personal tour guide. In not time they are in trouble scaring people who don’t like the Guardians and unleashing something really big from an old universe. I hope this doesn’t mean the old team is gone just because Kyle is a White Lantern now. As big of a fan of Kyle as I am, I still liked the title because of the team.

Harbinger #13 – Harbinger Wars – We get a view of what happened in the Harbinger Wars entirely from the Renegades’ side. It seems there is more to Faith than here seemed since he seems that her Flight is more a case of telekinesis. We also get to see more details of the road battle between Bloodshot and the Renegades as well as more history on Harada.

Kevin Keller #9 – The Keller family decides to go on a trip. What could have been a nice quiet time get interrupted by the inclusion of Veronica, Kevin’s boyfriend Devon, and Wendy. Obviously Veronica and Devon start arguing over Kevin making a mess of things an a sunburned Wendy gets caught in the middle while trying to stop it. As with most of the Archie books, it’s just a fun fluff story.

Legion of Super-Heroes #21 – The Legion fights the Fatal Five. As more Legionnaires show up, so do more of the villains. The Legion keeps getting their butt kicked until Garth and Imra show up. I wonder if just those two showing up is going some how make the big difference. Meanwhile, Polar Boy and Invisible Kid are trapped with the dead Legionnaires.

With most titles pretty much on level, picking a top 3 was a bit harder. I’ll have to go with Green Hornet, Harbinger, and Kevin Keller.

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