Sometimes a Revamp Isn’t So Bad

No, I haven’t forgotten about the site. Between the release of Dark Ascension, long hours at work and such, I haven’t had much free time. I did want to get something on here though so I thought I’d grab something quick from my list before I go into work.

A few weeks ago, I was in the comic shop and saw a Teen Wolf comic book. The first thing that came to mind was the old Teen Wolf movie with Michael J. Fox and I wondered what the heck was up. I didn’t check it out though. Then, I was on Netflix and I ran across a TV show called Teen Wolf. I had to check it out. The main character is still named Scott though the last name is different and he lives with his mother and not his father. Plus, he becomes a werewolf by traditional means and everyone is not all excited by it either as they were in the movie. His best friend is still called Stiles but they explain it this time. (His first name is supposedly some old world name that he won’t go by so he goes by a nick name based on his last name.) Given all the fun with werewolves and vampires as of late, it’s not surprising to see a werewolf show pop up. (Heck, we got another Underworld movie, didn’t we?) Most of the time, I dread old stuff being redone but this time they took something pretty bad and turned it into something good. Netflix only has one season up and I’m not sure if a second season is coming around or not but it would be interesting to see.

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