Weekly Comic Review for 9/19/12

I’m caught up on my reading and have been meaning on getting these write-ups done. My health has kept me down this weekend though. Here’s the first of the remaining weeks though.

Avengers Academy #37 – “Final Exam” part 4 of 4 – It’s the final showdown with Jeremy Briggs as we see what the team is capable of. Jacosta is rescued as Finesse shows herself to be the cold and logical person she’s been portrayed as so far, making the necessary decision to kill Jeremy, seeing herself as the potential villain that the original team was seen to be. Even Mettle says that the guy he killed during “Fear Itself” bothered him but this doesn’t. So, where does this leave the team and where does it go from here? Sadly, there’s only a couple issues left to find out.

Green Lantern: New Guardians #0 – After the break up of the team last issue, where do we go from there? There’s no “before” for this title as it started with issue 1 so this is all about the new start. Kyle goes to Carol Farris to find Hal and the two team up (Carol as Star Sapphire) to look into the whole black ring zombie situation left behind from the Green Lantern title. They also explore the ability to channel other colors that Kyle is showing, Carol uses her abilities to show the future and show Kyle channeling the other colors. It looks like things will be interesting for him. Plus, the Zamarons team up with the Guardians to take down the lanterns.

Justice League #0 – This issue is a break from the actual Justice League. After a break from his back-up story, we finally get to see Billy become Shazam. (No, not Captain Marvel. He’s Shazam.) He’s a kid with powers though (and bitching about being an adult) and it doesn’t seem to be anything like the old Captain Marvel so far. As a tie-in, the Wizard also shows up in a back-up story about Pandora where he forgives her but not the other 2. We also get to see the first of the other 2 to be punished as the Question.

Legion of Super-Heroes #0 – This issue is all about Brainiac 5 joining the team after the the Legion save Colu. (Looks like it was Brainiac 5’s fault anyway.)

Nightwing #0 – This issue shows us Dick Grayson’s new origin as Robin. How he gets into Bruce’s care doesn’t really change. They don’t even touch on anything about the Court of Owls. We do see how he starts going out after Zucco and Bruce brings him in on it. The Robin costume is more along the line of Tim’s. No shorty shorts and elf boots this time around. I guess they really like changing costumes along with history this time around. *sigh* Not sure why they can’t leave some things alone. Tho they changed Superman so why not Robin?

Sword of Sorcery #0 – The next new title of the third wave of the New 52 starts here. The first story is about Amy Winston, an outcast girl living in a trailer with her single mother. It’s her 17th birthday and time for her to see her home. Her mother takes her back where she becomes Amethyst and where her aunt is out to kill her. The second story is about Beowulf. It takes place “years from now” and seems to be about a cyborg soldier who has just come out of a cryogenic freeze. Not sure what to make of that but nether one really seemed great.

This was an ok week. The 0 issues aren’t spectacular. For my top 3, I’ll go with Avengers Academy, Green Lantern: New Guardians, and Nightwing. The first 2 were definites and the third was the best of the rest.

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