The Final Project (and more)

I’m talking about The Glee Project. Tomorrow night, the final episode airs on Oxygen. For those unfamiliar with the show (as I was following the end of it last season), this show is a competition to be on the next season of Glee. Last season, we got Rory and Joe as well as cameo characters Harmony (the girl who performed for NYADA) and Wade/Unique. This year, I got to see the progress from the start. Each episode has a homework assignment (the group performs a song given to them to organize and choreograph) and then they take part in a video and studio session to pull together an actual music video. This leads to a final performance for the bottom 3 with one person not getting called back. I watched as some of the least qualified got knocked out of the competition. Some people, like Charlie who could not follow directions, stuck around too long but was eventually gone. Some were interesting, like Tyler (who is transgender) and Nellie were cool but just not strong enough. It was expected that the final episode would be 4 people but last week, 2 people were not called back — Lily and Michael. Honestly, I’d have preferred to see one of them win as they seem more interesting. The 3 that are left are Ali (who is in a wheelchair), Blake (a pretty boy who really isn’t all that interesting), and Aylin (pronounced Eileen, a Muslim girl who just sorta annoyed me. I guess I could deal with Ali but the best options are gone. It should be interesting to see who will be on the next season, especially since a number of characters graduated this past season.

There are a couple other shows that are in the early stages that have been interesting. One is American Gypsies. The spiritual and social traditions of people have always been an interest to me. Watching the stories unfold and learning about how the Romani people handle some of the things in their lives. The fact that a number of the cast are handsome in a bearish way doesn’t hurt either. Right now, they are about 4 to 5 episodes into the series. The other show is All the Right Moves about Travis Wall’s new dance troupe Shaping Sound. Most of it revolves around Travis and his 3 roommates, 2 of which are founding members. Of the 4 guys, 2 are gay and 2 are straight and all 4 are good looking. The first episode is about pulling the group together (10 girls and 10 guys including the 4 roommates) and getting backers. The newly formed troupe performs a great presentation for the potential backers. I’ve got a theatre background so I enjoy the dancing as well as the (sometimes shirtless) eye candy. The first episode aired a week or two ago and so far I don’t see a new one coming up but I’m looking forward to them airing. Check out both of these shows if you get a chance. The first is on the National Geographic Channel and the second is on Oxygen.

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