Weekly Comic Review for 4/16/14

Yes, it’s true. I’m trying to make a return and get caught up on my reviews. I’ve got my reading just about caught up but finding time to sit down long enough to type up the reviews has been tougher. But here we go…

Amazing X-Men #4 – Nightcrawler is back and the X-Men are throwing him a party. A very poorly and simply drawn party at that. Mystique shows up, shape shifted into a waitress to see him. Then she goes off and frees Azazel. Kurt and Logan try to stop him but the two villains get away anyway. Time for more drinking.

Green Lantern: New Guardians #30 – The Godkillers part 3 – Kyle, Carol, X’hal, and everyone else vs. the Godkillers. The one who actually gets killed is X’hal’s prophet. Between Carol’s power to link love connections and Kyle’s indigo powers, they were able to send the Godkillers off to a remote planet. Other than that, lots of fighting. This storyline really hasn’t been all that exciting.

Harley Quinn #5 – Harley has more adventures with Syborg as well as having some weird dreams. First our pair hit the boardwalk and then it’s off to hunt down more of Sy’s enemies. Nothing overly exciting but the goofiness is still fun.

Justice League #29 – Forever Evil tie-in – The Metal Men are back. They head out to back up Cyborg as he takes on Grid. They battle the Frightful Five and then take on some other random villains that were sent in. In the battle with Grid, Cyborg comes to full terms with not being totally human any more.

Sinestro #1 – Sinestro starts his own series living on his own on a remote planet where he’s found by Lyssa Drak. She somehow has the entire Book of Parallax on her body, even on her tongue and who knows where else. (I wonder if it’s on the inside of her body too because that’s got to be a lot of writing.) On his first mission off planet, the finds a ship with pods containing sleeping Korugarians. Then he heads off to find the Sinestro Corps who just happen to have captured his daughter. Honestly, I don’t find this all that interesting. Maybe it’ll be a Sinestro Corps book but I find the yellow lanterns a lot less interesting than the red anyway. (With current knowledge, Larfleeze only lasted 12 issues. We’ll have to see how Sinestro does.)

Trinity of Sin: Pandora #10 – Following her battles with Blight along side the Justice League Dark, Pandora makes it back home to Marcus and you see they are actually in love with each other. Then comes Giganta. She’s pissed off for getting stabbed in the eye by Pandora. (Wouldn’t you be?) The “funny” part is when Giganta grabs Pandora and rips her in half. Being immortal, Pandora is still alive and looks a little shocked when she looks down and sees her lower half on the ground. She ends up talking Giganta down and she runs off a little messed in the head. It’s an interesting issue given how physical Pandora’s battles usually tend to be. On top of all this, we have Vandal Savage hunting Pandora down too. She doesn’t seem to be making many friends.

Only 6 books this week but the top 3 are Harley Quinn, Justice League, and Trinity of Sin: Pandora. It was an easy division of the books this week.

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