Weekly Comic Review for 8/10/11

OK. I’ve got a full belly and I’m all set to hit up another week of comics.

Alpha Flight #3 (of 8 ) – Like most Marvel comic books likely, this is a “Fear Itself” tie in. The rest of Alpha Flight escapes only to find themselves public enemy number 1. Also, Walter finds he can no longer turn into Sasquatch. They go into hiding but Aurora is gone. She ends up in the orphanage she was raised (and abused) in where she ends up in a battle with herself. (Well, Aurora vs. Jeanne-Marie, really.) In the end, she ends up back with the others and all seems good. (Which usually isn’t a good thing.)

Birds of Prey #15 – It’s part 2 of the team vs. the old big bad Nazi who is young now. The girls win and the story ends going into the new series and rebooted world next month.

Booster Gold #47 – Booster is caught by the military and it’s up to Alexandra to save him as she makes Doomsday kill himself. Alex and Booster then head off to the area of the war and find the Flash to try to get Booster into the time stream to go and fix things. Right before he takes off, Alex gets separated from him and he lands at the Vanishing Point. Back in more modern times and realities, a ghostly figure looking like Alexandra leaves a bunch of notes on Rip’s chalk board.

Flashpoint: Citizen Cold #3 (of 3) – Taking care of the collapsed Cold, Iris finds out who he really is. Citizen Cold goes off and takes out the Rogues. As Cold takes on the Pied Piper, Iris stops Cold… well…. cold.

Flashpoint: Deadman and the Flying Graysons #3 (of 3) – Following the death of his father, Dick goes with the rest of the rebels to try to protest the Helm of Nabu. The Amazon attack team takes out most of the team including Boston who becomes the Deadman we all remember. He even helps to protect Dick by possessing him, allowing Dick to find Britania and pick a name of his old… Dr. Fate.

Flashpoint: Emperor Aquaman #3 (of 3) – It’s more about what happened with Mera and further battles between Diana and Arthur as she lets him know that they were deceived. Things lead on to the upcoming finale.

Ghost Rider #1 & 2 – Yes, another book that I missed during the “Fear Itself” series. We see who the new Ghost Rider, a female. Blaze makes a deal with Mephisto to get a new notorcycle. Who knows what is really part of that deal.

Kevin Keller #2 (Veronica #208) – This issue shows a bit more about Archie Comics’ first gay character, Kevin, as he and Veronica prepare a birthday party for his father.

Teen Titans #99 – The Titans take on their evil counterparts as the bad guys work towards the Titans Tower. So, how do you stop a group of bad guys this powerful? Call in a bunch more good guys, of course. The current team is joined on the last page by a bunch of prior members to lead into a battle royal in issue #100.

From this week, I’m going to pick Flashpoint: Deadman and the Flying Graysons, Kevin Keller, and Teen Titans for my top 3. And now I just have last week’s books left to go. Guess I better get reading, eh?

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