Weekly Comic Review for 5/7/14

Since WordPress seems to have eaten the post I did the other day and I just noticed…

Aquaman and the Others #2 – I Don’t know what this 1 page of thousand year old history is supposed to do. There is still a lot of interaction and stuff that seems to only be there to learn more about the Others. There’s also time learning about the people who are after the Atlantean artifacts. Overall, everything here is way too slow and there is nothing going on that really interests me so I’m not following this any further. I know they wanted to build off of Aquaman’s recent popularity in hos own book but they could have done a lot better than this.

Archer & Armstrong #20 – American Wasteland part 1 – Archer and Armstrong check out a Fameotorium and end up in a dimension where old stars life until their fame runs out. This includes Jim Morrison, Kurt Cobain, and more. Just the start of a very messed up scenario. With this pair, that could make things interesting.

Cyclops #1 – After the events in All-New X-Men, Scott is in outer space with his father and the rest of the Starjammers. There’s lots of action (and more importantly, Corsair in his underwear) as the team commandeers a new space craft. Scott and Corsair take the ship to head off on their own little adventure by themselves.

Earth 2 #23 – With Clark learning that Red Tornado is actually Lois Lane, Superman destroys a bunch of the attacking parademons and took off with her for Smallville to see his parents. In the meantime, Green Lantern makes his return to the team finally. (I wonder if they will ever actually be a team or just the heroes of Earth 2.) Then we switch back to the Batcave to see them get attacked and see Red Arrow get killed just for the hell of it. Sometimes I wonder why they seem to kill characters for no real reason.

Green Lantern #31 – Uprising part 1 – We’re finally on the last leg of the Durlan storyline. While the Durlans head off to the planet of the energy beings, the real Green Lanterns fight the Durlan infiltrators, letting their rings find the original hosts.

Justice League 3000 #6 – It’s the Justice League vs. The Five and the League is sorely outpowered. After getting caught, Coeval trying to recruit the team but only Firestorm, who was never a team player to begin with, is interested. The team escapes though and we learn that Green Lantern’s power wasn’t coming from his cape but from himself and the cape was all that was keeping his power from slowly killing himself.

Moon Knight #3 – For a series that already started messed up, this one is a doozy We start off with Moon Knight going out to stop some ghosts and getting his ass kicked. So then, he talks to to Konshu and puts on some weird costume that lets him beat on the ghosts. I really enjoyed Moon Knight way back and when he got his first couple series, but lately, each one is getting worse and worse but going more over the edge. No more of this book.

New 52 Futures End #1 – [Note: You really need to read the Free Comic Book Day issue #0 of this first. Also, this is a weekly title.] Batman (Terry McGinnis) came back in time to stop a cyborg apocalyptic word where the heroes, villains, and others are all turned into weird creatures controlled by a cybernetic hive mind. The cyborg Plastique ends up coming back in time with him. He had wanted to go further back in time but ends up getting dropped off 5 years in the future with a computer system named A.L.F.R.E.D. We see Stormwatch who seems to have picked up Hawkman just in time for the ship to get destroyed. Grifter makes a brief appearance before we switch to Jason trying to get Ronnie to form Firestorm. When they finally turn to Firestorm and get to the site just in time to find Green Arrow killed. (Is this kill an archer week or something? I love my archers so this is just pissing me off.) So much is going on that it reminds me of the other weekly titles, 52 and Countdown where woo much was going on and a few pages were spent on each before moving on.

New Warriors #4 – It’s the final battle with the High Evolutionary and crew. We also get to see Mark’s Inhuman form, a fire breathing horned bull. The story has been kinda slow so far and none too exciting. I really wish it was as interesting as the original series. (This “decreasing interest with each new series” thing is getting to be a pattern.)

Teen Titans Annual #3 – We finally see what Harvest really looks like and there’s even appearances by everyone who’s been a titan including Superboy and Danny the Alley. We also find out that, somehow, everyone from the Culling that we thought died (like Artemis) is actually alive and at this school. (WTF?) I know this book was going down hill but this is just a bit much and a total waste of an annual.

Trinity of Sin: Phantom Stranger #19 – Zauriel is dying but the Stranger finds out something is up around Cassandra Craft so he leaves Zauriel in Terence Thirteen’s hands while he goes and checks that out. (Which can’t be good news for Dr. Thirteen.) The Phantom Stranger gets there to find Madame Xanadu there already. The two join forces to fight a possessed Cassandra and the Phantom Stranger beats her by… kissing her? *facepalm* Is the writing really getting this horrible? All of a sudden, the Spectre shows up to tell the Phantom Stranger that they need to team up to keep Heaven and Earth from Collapsing. Is this a soap opera now? The drama!

This week was really quite a week and not necessarily in a good way. I think my top 3 is going to Archer & Armstrong, Cyclops, and Justice League 3000. Now, let’s hope this publishes this time….

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