Weekly Comic Review for 11/16/11

I figured I better work on trying to get my reviews caught up. First post of 3…

Avengers Academy #22 – The X-Men “Regenesis” invades the Avengers now. (And Wolverine wasn’t even in this title! Yeah, they missed one. 😉 ) We start off with Reptil and White Tiger fighting over Latino issues. Then the X-Men show up so that Magneto can scan the energy to find out who took out Jocasta. Even though Emma’s there, Hank keeps her from just scanning their minds to find out who did it. Can’t solve this too easy, of course. And then we have the Academy members start a battle between the X-Men and the Avengers. Gotta have the good guys fight each other after all. It’s all the bad cliches in one issue. *sigh* And yes, we really get nowhere.

Green Lantern Corps #3 – The corps member continuing to battle the hyper-willpowered race. A Green Lantern with teleport abilities take a large group of corps members into the battle but when the tide still turns bad, he tries to teleport the group back out which pushes his abilities past his limit so he dies and John and a bunch of GLs are still left behind so other than it being a new mix on the planet, we’re still left where we started. So far, this seems to be a week of non-progress.

Justice League #3 – Flash, Batman, Green Lantern, and Superman continue to fight Darkseid’s parademons and Wonder Woman shows up to help them. Meanwhile, back at S.T.A.R. Labs, Victor Stone’s father begins the process that will turn him into Cyborg after the attack in issue 2. And then, just in time for the final page, Aquaman appears. Also, for no apparent reason, they add in a few pages of “The Secret History of Atlantis” with a fake library card page, an about the author page, and a forward page. This makes no sense other than to waste a few pages of real story. If things keep up the way things are going, this may be a title that gets dropped which is a sad thing for the JLA.

Legion of Super-Heroes #3 – The battle against Renegade continues as the Dominators show up. As much as they were around in the past, this group doesn’t seem to be overly familiar with the Legion members and their powers for some reason. Brainiac 5 continues to work with Glorith to explore her abilities as a team of Legionnaires show up to help take down Renegade. Chameleon Boy manages to infiltrate the Dominators and Brainiac 5 shows at the close of the issue that he can have a sense of humor.

Nightwing #3 – We get some back story on Dick and his friends in the past of Haley Carnival intermixed with the current day story of Mr. Haley’s funeral. Dick follows a lead with the one of the former carnival members to try to track down who had Saiko hired. Still a lot of questions about what’s going on but it’s going at a decent pace and it seems Batgirl is supposed to appear next issue.

With only 5 comics this week and most of them sub-par in terms of story, I’m not even going to do a top 3 this week. I’d recommend Nghtwing so far but a lot of the DC titles just aren’t making it.

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