Weely Comic Review for 5/25/11

Well, after the busy weekend, I’m finally getting to my comic review. (Heck, after dealing with some sick cats on top of ComiCon, I didn’t even get this week’s books until today.) So, here’s what I picked up last week.

Charmed #9 – Leo lets Phoebe and Paige know about the first witch as she attacks the Higher Realm. Meanwhile, Piper explores the other realm she’s in and runs into Cole of all people. The best like in the book is when Phoebe asks if the first which is “anything like the First Slayer”. Cute cross-series reference.

Green Arrow #12 – After stopping Etrigan, Jason Blood takes the Demon into himself again. Green Arrow then steps outside the forest to find himself in the middle of the battle that ended Brightest Day. As everything comes to an end, Oliver moves from the forest back into the city.

Green Lantern #66 – War of the Green Lanterns part 7 – Guy and Hal fight the possessed Guardians only to get taken down and captured by Krona. Sinestro fights for his freedom inside the Book of the Black. As Hal and Guy come to, they find out that Krona isn’t trying to take them out all together but wants to recruit them to join his plan.

Green Lantern Corps #60 – War of the Green Lanterns part 8 – Kyle and John fight their way through to try to save Mogo and stop him from sent out more and more rings to create an army of corrupt Green Lanterns. They make their way to the hear of Mogo’s planet and find the source of his power only to discover that not only is his corrupted by Parallax but also by the power of the Black Lanterns that he took down during Blackest Night. John makes the hard decision and takes out the living planet instead of letting him create more danger.

Green Lantern: Emerald Warrior #10 – War of the Green Lanterns part 9 – After the destruction of Mogo, Kyle and John get back with Hal and Guy. With the help of Ganthet, they finally release Parallax from the central power battery and free the rest of the corps just in time for the final chapter of the story next month.

Justice Society of America #51 – Blue Devil, Dr Fate, and Green Lantern hop through dimensions to save Lightning’s soul while Doctor Midnight and the healer Ri (the previously unnamed female hero in white) work on saving her body. Meanwhile, Jay takes care of business running Monument Point and is shown one of the real secrets of the city.

Kirby Genesis #0 – This lead up to the main series is only $1. It has a short story as an introduction and then has a sketch book of some of Jack Kirby’s art showing where some of the characters will come from. Some are never before seen characters while others are ones not seen in a while time like Pacific Comic’s Captain Victory and Silver Star.

Secret Avengers #13 – Marked as a tie in to the Fear Itself storyline, the book only mildly addresses the Nazi attack on Washington DC. Most of the book revolved around Hank McCoy talking to a politician friend of his who he find out is a mutant. Not a bad story but it really goes nowhere, especially since the friend doesn’t survive the issue.

Secret Warriors #27 – This issue continues Nick Fury’s babbling with Strucker… right before he kills him. (I’m sure if they want to use him again, they’ll say it was a clone or something else later.) There’s a bunch of political non-sense and other short check-ins with side characters until, at the end, we finally get to see Daisy and Sebastian. Yes, there’s finally members of the Secret Warriors in their own title again. Just in time for it all to be concluded next issue. Too little, too late.

Normally, I do a “Top 3”, but today, I’m just going to just recommend the War of the Green Lanterns block and the Kirby Genesis prelude issue. The block of GL books takes up 3 issues on their own but the Kirby book is a great deal with some interesting stuff for the best price. Check them all out.

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