Weekly Comic Review for 8/14/13

Well, I had wanted to get this done before the new books came out. This has been a crazy week though. Here is my review though.

Archer & Armstrong #12 – We’re in the Faraway and General Redacted is forming his army of aliens. Even scarier than an army of aliens is an army of aliens in aviator caps and scarves. Creepy! The aliens take their flying saucers and attack the Roanokes who, luckily, have Armstrong and Mary-Maria on their side. And then we have Archer and his “followers”. It seems their are from the future where they follow the writings of Archer once he gets older, writings that seem to predict everything he will do and that he doesn’t agree with right now. The followers do nothing to intervene in the war or even with Archer’s actions when he goes down in the temple to open the sphere they protect. What’s inside? Nothing other than the missing brother Ivar who has been caught in time. It seems the Timewalker is going to be around after all.

Demon Knights #23 – This is it. The final issue. First, we see that the grail has indeed healed Horsewoman’s legs though she still can psychically talk to the horses. Meanwhile, the war with the giants continues as our heroes try to figure out how to stop them from destroying the city. The solution comes in the form of the black diamond. El Jabr uses it to turn the giants against one another and they defeat themselves. He then stores the diamond with the Holy Grail so that their power can counter one another. And, with that, the knights ride off together onto some unchronicled adventures. I’m really going to miss this book.

Green Lantern Corps #23 – We start out with everyone without power to their rings. As you would expect, at just the right moment, the rings turn back on. This allows John and the rookies to escape the Khunds. Fatality isn’t as lucky with the Durlans as they are still able to disable her. When she comes to, she is able to use her tether to John to saver her though. Guess that shows that she really does care for him. Meanwhile, back on Oa, the lanterns are looking into why this failure keeps happening and find Ion asking for help just as 5 of the other entities arrive to take him away to die. This all leads into… yes… the new story arc “Lights Out”.

Harbinger #15 – After the events of the Harbinger Wars, the Renegades decide to take some time to relax. They have a fun day laying on the beach and hanging out. Kris finds herself having to tell Torque to stop using negative gay statements. As night comes on, they go their separate way. Peter and Faith go for a flight together, Torque hits a heavy metal concert, and Kris and Flamingo hit a big DJed party. While at the party, Flamingo ends up kissing Kris and later ends up destroying the party when she sets the place on fire. Kris starts having visions of the ocean talking to her. This leads her to getting close to Torque, getting him to drop his shell, and killing him. Not a good end for the team in a story called “Perfect Day” if you ask me.

Justice League of America #7 – Trinity War part 4 of 6 – As things continue to unfold, Pandora continues to look for someone at either end of the good and evil spectrum to open the box. This time, she decided to approach Lex Luthor. While this happens, one team of heroes goes after Doctor Psycho to find out if he was the one who made Superman kill Doctor Light. It turns out that him being there was a set-up to make it look like he did it. More is revealed though when Atom spills the beans about her infiltration of the Justice League and how the JLA was formed as their counterpoint. Back with Pandora, Wonder Woman’s team shows up stop things. This leaves the box in Wonder Woman’s hands and probably a lot of trouble coming up.

Scarlet Spider #20 – Sibling Rivalry part 2 – It looks like this is crossing over with Superior Spider-Man Team-Up. Guess what? I didn’t pick up the old spider-Man titles. I’m definitely not picking up that one. We come in on Jackal and Carrion having captured the “Peter” and Kaine in order to get the blood to try to clone Spider-Man again. (This worked so well in the past after all…) It seems Jackal underestimated Kaine’s strength and he breaks loose and frees Spider-Man. Long story short, they defeat the Jackal’s creatures and escape when Doc Ock/Spider-Man blows up the place, not caring if anyone else survived. Now, really, how is NO ONE figuring out this isn’t Peter. The way people get mind controlled, possessed, and stuff in the Marvel Universe, you’d think someone would try to figure out why he is so different. Kaine just takes off and separates from “Peter”. In the first of two epilogues, we see Kaine bet bit (or something) by what he attributes to a bug and ends up with his scars again. In the second, we find out Jackal has Kaine’s blood and plans to make clones from that. Not sure which book this revelations is going to spin off into. I just hope we don’t see Spider-Man in this book again until he’s rid of Doc Ock’s mind.

T.H.U.N.D.E.R. Agents #1 – It seems that DC no longer has access to the team as IDW is not publishing a book on them. We start off with Lightning already captured and Noman having been destroyed and transferring to a new body. T.H.U.N.D.E.R. is trying to find someone to use a belt to get someone in to save them from Iron Maiden. You get to see the origin of Dynamo as they find and recruit Len Brown to the team. He starts off on his first mission (with Noman leaded into a bug form) but so far, he’s not doing the greatest.

The top 3 this week seem to be pretty obvious. It’s Archer & Armstrong, Harbinger, and Justice League of America. Valiant is quickly becoming some of the best titles out there, even better than Marvel and DC.

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