Weekly Comic Review for 11/25/15

This week was a light week.

Archie #4 – The reboot of Archie continues with the story of how Archie and Betty broke up. They got together because they were so much alike and had so much in common. Some of the girls took Betty under their wings and get her fixed up and more of a “girly girl”. Archie didn’t like this and wanted the old Betty back which upset Betty when he said that lipstick didn’t belong on her. Archie sure isn’t smooth. Just as Veronica steps in on Archie, Betty and Jughead bring Reggie into the fold. Of course, we have a few page reprint of an old Archie story. I wish they would use the space to actually expand the modern story instead of saving money on artists and writers by doing shorter stories. This part is getting old fast.

Flash #46 – Out of the force field, Flash is back up against Zoom and his crew. Meanwhile Barry’s father finds Magali and takes her out to confront Zoom and the others. Seeing what happened, the other speed force wielders turn on Zoom. (He really should have seen it coming. I know I did.) Zoom takes off with Barry’s father to draw Flash out to a one on one at the family home. This has been a little bit too predictable. It’s hard to believe Zoom’s team was as gullible as they were too.

Justice League of America #5 – This is honestly a waste of an issue. It has nothing to do with the JLA or the current storyline. All it is is a story about Martian Manhunter fighting some demon to draw people into buying his comic book. It’s bad enough that there are 2 Justice League books with mostly the same team running 2 long term storylines. This one how enough going on to make it confusing and then they do this filler story? I wish I had known this was all it was. I wouldn’t have even bothered to pick up the comic.

Superman: Lois and Clark #2 – First, we jump back a few years and give a little more background earlier on showing both home life and Clark taking out a bad guy while not dressed as a hero at all. Then, we go to modern day with Jonathan in school and getting in trouble. Lois has to come pick him up and they get attacked on the way home. The likely suspect is Intergang. Clark saves the day but it looks like Jonathan may be coming into Kryptonian powers of his own now. I’m just wondering how long they will be able to hide away from the rest of the New 52 universe.

Other than the severe disappointment of the JLA title, the others aren’t horrible. Since there’s only 4, I’ll just say that the top pick of the week will be Superman: Lois and Clark. I’m still not quite sure what to think of it yet. I want to like it as a pre-Crisis/Convergence character but, at the same time, it’s still Superman and he’s never really been a draw for me.

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