Weekly Comic Review 4/20/11

This week’s books were a definite improvement over the books from last week. Let’s take a look at what I picked up this past week. A number of the books are hitting their one

Avengers Academy #12 – The kids of the academy take on the forms of older selves from various timelines, some of which showed the team possible futures that did not like. One of them even gets killed. In the end, they take down Korvac, which we all knew they would even though it took the whole experienced Avengers team to even come close. In the end, the team gets turned back to their young selves except for Reptil who remains an adult. It should be interesting to see what happens with him.

Green Hornet #15 – The Green Hornet deals with Kato being in the hospital and the belief that he has killed someone. This leads into the new Red Hand storyline.

Green Lantern #65 – Part 4 of the War of the Green Lanterns – What does a Green Lantern do when he can’t wear his ring any more? In the case of Hal and Guy along with Kyle and John who they’ve met up with, the answer is to wear a different ring. Since Hal has the rings of the New Guardians who were pulled into the Book of the Black, they decide to use 4 of the rings to try to save the corps from Krona.

Green Lantern Corps #59 – Part 5 of the War of the Green Lanterns – The new members of the red, yellow, blue, and indigo lantern corps head off to find Ganthet. It seems that Gannthet doesn’t approve of their use of the other rings but that becomes the last of their worries as they find that the most powerful of the Green Lanterns has been turned by Parallax’s corruption of the power battery as well.

Justice League of America #56 – The Rise of Eclipso continues. It seems that Supergirl is missing (I guess you had to read the Doomsday stories to know what’s going on here too.) so Batman has Zatanna (only mentioned, not appearing) look into it while he and those who are left in the watchtower go off to help Donna and the others being attacked by Eclipso and his crew. In the meantime, a group of JLA reservists (including Red Tornado, Tasmanian Devil, Dr. Light, Zauriel, and more) come in to try to help out but are taken down or corrupted by Eclipso before Batman’s crew get here. I hope we get to see more of Tasmanian Devil. That would give us 2 gay characters in the book though one more appears by the end of this story.

Legion of Super-Heroes #12 – It’s the Legion of Super-Heroes vs The Legion of Super-Villains as Saturn Queen tracks down the mysterious “immortal world”. Mon-El is on the track of them as well, unaware that it’s the Saturn Queen’s crew that he’s after as well.

Teen Titans #94 – The Titans make their way to the world that Wonder Girl was taken to. While trying to track her down, Robin and Ravager get abducted and a spy infiltrates the Titans’ team. Plus, it is revealed there is something more to Solstice’s powers as it reacts very negatively with Raven.

Zatanna #12 – Zatanna takes on a bad guy who can reverse time and back her spells up. The lame answer to this is palindromes. One thing that isn’t addressed is the fact that while they are spelled the same forward and back, they are not necessarily pronounced the same way. This is ignored to make a goofy story.

This was definitely a much more enjoyable week even with some of the questionable “logic” in some stories. My top 3 for this week would have to be Green Lantern, Green Lantern Corps, and Teen Titans. Justice League came close to making the top 3 this week just for the scene between Eclipso and Zauriel. Overall, some good reading. And pretty soon comes the free comic day on the first Saturday next month.

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